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Finally, an affordable messaging tool to help you onboard, engage, & retain more customers

Message the right customers at the right time with billing and subscription data now at your fingertips. It's the customer messaging tool you've always wanted — specially designed for SaaS.

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Is the clunky, overpriced customer messaging tool you're using today honestly worth it?

We built Messaging because we were sick and tired of paying too much for software we used too little of. We wanted to get back to a lightweight tool that does just what you need, and then price in a way that won't make you cringe every month when you look at your bill.

Build your own? Never worth it!

  • Costs thousands upon thousands to build and maintain
  • Wastes your developers' time on something they shouldn't be building

Other messaging tools are just too expensive and bloated today

  • Let's face it, who likes being charged per user?
  • You shouldn't have to delete contacts every month for a tool you're not even fully utilizing

Lightweight customer messaging specially designed for SaaS

Trigger behavior-based messages, setup campaigns based on lifecycle, create targeted segments, and engage customers with contextual, relevant offers.


Create targeted segments based on behavior and profile

With Messaging, you can now create segments based on which plan a user is on, whether they're monthly or annual, active or cancelled, their LTV, and other valuable attributes that were previously impossible, or at best, extremely difficult to pipe in. Combine that with user behavior and events (coming soon), and you've got the perfect mix of lifecycle emails.


Get started with pre-built templates or craft your own

Who likes starting from scratch? Messaging comes with pre-built templates so all you have to do is fill in the blanks, give it a splash of personality, and flip the switch. Boom! You're a messaging genius in a matter of minutes.

Ongoing campaigns

Put sophisticated ongoing campaigns on autopilot

Trigger automated campaigns to send the right message, at the right time, to the right person. For real. Welcome & onboarding, activation, trial expiration, new customers sequence, win back cancelled customers, upsell or cross-sell, switch from monthly to annual — all at your fingertips.

One-off campaigns

Send one-off messages for an announcement or special promotion

Make an announcement, promote new features, apologize for a bug, or just say hi! One-off messages are included at no extra charge.

Example campaigns in Messaging

  • Onboarding welcome
  • Trial pre-expiration notification
  • Trial post-expiration sequence
  • New customer welcome
  • Monthly to annual upgrade
  • Upsell/cross-sell
  • Ask for referral
  • Net Promotor Score survey
  • Win-back sequence
  • Beta invite
  • New feature announcement

Looking for a more affordable customer messaging tool? Companies are already slashing their bill in half (or more)

There’s no need to overpay for a clunky messaging tool you’re not even fully utilizing. Messaging was designed specifically for SaaS companies looking for a lightweight and affordable alternative.

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Are there any limitations to who I can message?

Currently, you can only message the "billing user" of an account (AKA the account owner) but we do have plans to support messaging everyone on an account in the near future.

What kind of messages can I send?

We're firm believers that email is still the best way to get ahold of your users and customers, so that's the primary messaging method today. If you'd like other methods (in-app messages, popups, chat, etc) please get in contact with us and we'd love to learn more about what you need.

Are there any limitations to how I can trigger messages?

Event and behavioral data is currently not supported, but will be implemented in the near future. All billing data and subscription events are available as triggers today (and that's a lot!).

Can you help me migrate from my previous customer messaging tool?

Yes! We’re always available to help troubleshoot, answer questions, provide a second pair of eyes, or hop on a call.