baremetrics-jp 03/18/2019
1 Minutes

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This week I talk with Khash Sajadi, Founder of Cloud66! In this episode we talk about growing up in Iran, how hobby electronics became a conduit for building software, selling software as a teenager to realtors and dentists, learning the value of unit economics, the importance of scheduling your day and more!

Show Notes

  • 1:00- Growing up in Iran
  • 3:00- Getting into log analysis
  • 3:55- An international market and the problem with sanctions
  • 5:22- Getting into computers
  • 8:45- Transitioning to software from hardware
  • 12:03- “I’m actually good at this computer thing, so I’m just going to put all my energy into this”
  • 12:45- When business and entrepreneurship came into the picture
  • 14:40- Writing and selling computer programs
  • 19:00- Moving to Europe
  • 20:29- A big lesson
  • 21:27- The hay-day of being a computer programmer
  • 22:04- Getting the itch to build something yourself
  • 24:00- Being a product person and not enjoying the sales/marketing side of things
  • 26:26- Starting an official company
  • 30:17- “The money that was coming in wasn’t enough to be worth it.”
  • 31:57- Starting a social search engine
  • 34:03- Realizations
  • 36:12- Running out of money
  • 37:42- Recovering
  • 38:14- Leaving banking and thinking about personal values
  • 41:38- Moving to San Francisco
  • 42:18- The idea for Cloud66
  • 47:29- Changing the business model
  • 49:05- Figuring out the economics for Cloud66- Learning from others’ mistakes
  • 51:22- Focusing on the business side of things to stay sustainable and not getting distracted by “the next shiny tool”
  • 53:23- The intriguing part about building and creating something
  • 55:02- Balancing building things and running a company
  • 55:57- “What is my job as the CEO?”
  • 57:10- Letting the calendar run your life- blocking off times just to think
  • 58:30- The next year for Cloud66
  • 59:36- Investing heavily in containerization technology
  • 1:02:30- “Companies do die, but engineers don’t”
  • 1:04:56- The benefit of selling tools to engineers

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