baremetrics-jp 03/25/2019
2 Minutes

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This week I talk with Nick Francis, Founder of HelpScout! In this episode we talk about being an entrepreneur as a kid, how a laptop change Nick’s world, working in the music industry, working with his co-founders for six years before starting HelpScout, becoming a B-Corp, focusing on culture and brand and so much more!

Show Notes

  • 00:52- A month long sabbatical
  • 3:00- Prepping for the sabbatical
  • 4:36- A company thriving in your absence…strength of leadership
  • 5:30- Ownership
  • 8:00- Childhood
  • 10:09- Inspiration for entrepreneurship versus getting a job
  • 11:00- Different ways of learning
  • 12:27- Getting into technology
  • 14:36- Reason behind going to college and studying music business
  • 18:23- Transition from finishing school
  • 20:00- Working with creative people to bring out their best
  • 20:19- Transition from artist management and web design
  • 22:12- Passion for the web
  • 23:45- Starting a company in 2004
  • 25:40- The repetition of consulting work
  • 26:35- The idea and inspiration for HelpScout
  • 28:00- RSS feeds and the early days of Twitter
  • 29:25- Email support and sharing an inbox
  • 31:32- Making support system software a reality
  • 33:00- Managing clients
  • 34:02- A high level of confidence
  • 34:45- Favorite thing about the customer service market
  • 35:22- Risk threshold
  • 37:20- Do More Faster by David Cohen
  • 38:25- Techstars and working in Boston to build the company they always dreamed of
  • 39:30- Biggest positive of being “all in” for 3 months
  • 41:32- The year after Techstars
  • 42:41- Defining your voice from a content marketing standpoint and betting the business on content
  • 45:02- Pitching HelpScout early on
  • 46:49- Taking a different approach to the business
  • 48:06- Growing a product versus growing a team of people working on it
  • 50:12- Fundraising 6 million dollars
  • 51:19- The cool thing about making a lot of mistakes
  • 53:30- Going all-in on hiring with the money raised
  • 55:10- Content marketing pays off
  • 56:25- Raising another round of 6 million dollars
  • 58:06- Qualifying to be a B-corp
  • 1:00:48- Making a great product and making HelpScout a great place to work
  • 1:02:34- Becoming deeply passionate and wanting HelpScout to be a model company
  • 1:03:28- The next year for HelpScout
  • 1:05:27- The idea of building a brand versus building a product

Get in touch with Nick:, @nickfrancis



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