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Seems you're still gazing into this beautiful blue. Yes, it’s pretty but it's time to scroll down and achieve enlightenment on why you’re here.

Transactions & Events that we’ve logged. Oh yeah, we love our data!

Our story...sorry, no baby pictures.

We had a vision. Ordinary, busy, business folks making sense of their Stripe data. Over the past year we've been working hard to make that vision become a reality.

Roll over the bubbles. They tell you things.
2013 Now

Our fearless and dashing team.

Erin Carey
Kaegan Donnelly
Fried Filler
Joey Lomanto
Josh Pigford
Scott Robertson
Haley Sheldon
Tyler van der Hoeven

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So, where does all this “work” happen you say?

We all work remotely. Yup, no office and it's grand. We're scattered throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Alabama, Tennessee, Quebec, Ontario, Switzerland and England. Every food group and climate ever covered in 6 states/provinces. Take that “bay area”.