Finally, an analytics solution for Shopify Partners.

Baremetrics is your one-stop-shop for SaaS metrics. Our new integration helps you understand performance and make decisions with data-driven confidence. Monitor your customer behavior like never before with churn rate, conversion rate, and more!

Control Center

The lifeblood of your business — both visible at a glance and thoroughly detailed.


Dig deep into the details of what's driving growth and how it compares to previous months.


Make well-informed projections for hiring, expansion, and departmental budgets.

+900 companies using Baremetrics for growth
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Do you know how long it takes your customers to churn?

Baremetrics works to cut through the noise and show you the facts. What plans have the longest life with your customers? When do you start to see drop-offs in your subscriptions? We can answer that.


Get your metrics in the right context by looking at how you compare to other companies like you.


Track progress towards goals and rally the team to meet them.

Trial Insights

Add notes to determine how well new campaigns, experiments, and enhancements improve key metrics.

"Thanks to Baremetrics, we're able to know what's going on with our revenue and customers, in real-time. Absolutely invaluable and miles ahead of doing it in spreadsheets or coding your own."

Matt Smith

Matt Smith
COO and Founder at Later

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