Around 9% of your MRR is at-risk of loss to failed payments. What are you doing about it?

9% — that's the average MRR SaaS & subscription businesses are at-risk to lose from expired credit cards, insufficient funds, and bank issues. How much is that costing you every month?

Every SaaS & subscription business needs a dunning solution.

And hundreds of them are using Recover to put dunning on autopilot in less than a day.

Our most notable customers that are using Recover

“Recover helped us reduce our churn and save over $10k+ in less than 3 months.

Tushar Mahajan, CEO at Statusbrew

Honestly, is this the way to fix your failed payments?

Recover provides a combination of tools to help you combat failed payments with customizable email campaigns, in-app reminders and paywalls, credit card capture forms, and in-depth analytics to track everything along the way.

Payment processors like Stripe send a limited number of email notifications, not optimized for actually getting customers to take action.

  • × Too few emails, leaving money on the table
  • × Not clear what to do or where to go
  • × Doesn't account for in-app experiences

Are you going to manually chase down every customer?

  • × Waste of valuable time & money
  • × Not timely
  • × Not scalable

There's a better way to do it.

Recover provides a combination of tools to help you combat failed payments with customizable email campaigns, in-app reminders and paywalls, credit card capture forms, and in-depth analytics to track everything along the way.

Step 1

Enable Recover in your Baremetrics dashboard

Integrations with your payment processor will already be set up with your core Baremetrics account. Simply click to enable the Recover add-on to start reducing churn and recovering revenue.

Step 2

Setup automated drip campaigns

10+ turnkey and customizable email sequences are pre-loaded and ready to start sending. Reach out to your customers when it's most important with an email from any one of your team members.

Step 3

Format in-app reminders and paywalls

Want to send customers an in-app message when their card is failing? Just copy and paste our JavaScript code snippet and we'll take care of the rest. Choose how many days you want users to have access before enabling the paywall to force a payment method update.

Step 4

Customize the credit card capture form

No need to code a custom solution when you can use those resources elsewhere. Send customers to a distraction-free form optimized to convert where they can update their billing details. Get set up in minutes under a Baremetrics subdomain or host on your own domain with all your own branding.


Plus get detailed insights into everything that's happening

Here’s what you can track with our analytics that you can’t track manually or by using any other software.

Get Started

On average, Recover pays for itself 38× over.

It's a no-brainer. Get back thousands of dollars in lost revenue with a one-time setup.

ROI Guarantee

The best part? If the recovered revenue doesn't at least pay for your entire Baremetrics account, we'll credit you next month!

No commissions. No gimmicks. No hidden fees. We offer simple tiered pricing so you don't overpay for commission on the revenue that should be yours in the first place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Recover work?

Recover is a dunning management software that automates revenue recovery when your customer’ payment fails.

Recover sends your customers an email before their card fails, immediately after it fails, and up to six more times until they update their card. Recover also sends in-app reminders and paywalls so your customers take action faster.

Why do Payments Fail?

Payments fail when a payment processor attempts a charge and is unsuccessful. Failed payments typically happen when a credit card is expired, lost or stolen, over its limit, or has the wrong billing information.

Without a recovery solution in place, failed payments can get out of control, increase your churn rate, and have a serious impact on your bottom line.

What is Dunning Software?

For SaaS and subscription businesses, dunning software automates the process of reaching out to customers when their payments fail. Without a dunning software, you would need to manually call or email your customers several times to gain cancellation insights. Even after doing so you still risk losing them as a customer.

By investing in dunning, SaaS and subscription companies can expect to reduce churn and recover revenue that would otherwise be lost.

Who Needs Recover?

Subscription businesses lose around 9% of their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) to failed charges every month.

That’s why signing up for Recover is a no-brainer. Without a failed payment recovery solution in place, you’re leaving hard-earned money on the table. You can also learn how to forecast recovered payments to see just how badly you may need it.

Can I Customize Recover's Campaigns?

Yes! Recover is 100% automated, but you’re in control.

Unlike other payment recovery solutions, the emails, in-app reminders, and paywalls you send with Recover are all customizable to align with your unique brand.

When is the Best Time to Invest in Revenue Recovery?

Unfortunately, failed payments will always be a problem for subscription business.

The earlier you invest in failed payment recovery, the more revenue and customers you’ll save over time.

What is the Best Revenue Recovery Platform for Your Business?

Recover is more effective than other revenue recovery platforms because it’s fully customizable, requires no coding to use or maintain, and can be set up in 10 minutes.

Best of all, we offer a free trial and a ROI guarantee. If the recovered revenue doesn't cover the price of your Baremetrics account, we'll happily pay for your next month. Sign up for a free trial today.

Why Use Baremetrics?

Growing a subscription business is hard. Baremetrics provides the analytics and insights that teams need to understand performance, uncover growth opportunities, gain insights to cancellations, and make decisions with data-driven confidence.

After the trial, Recover pricing is based on your actual MRR

What's your MRR?


Potential lost revenue per month


Recover price


“Recover helped us reduce our churn and save over $10k+ in less than 3 months.”

Tushar Mahajan CEO at Statusbrew