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Organize feedback

Start collecting insights in minutes

With our drop-in form, you can start collecting cancellation reasons within minutes. Edit, add or remove reasons as you improve the product and grow your company.

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Use emails to instantly collect reasons in one click

Get up and running in no time. Personalized emails are sent to everyone who cancels their subscription. They can pick one reason and share additional feedback on the thank you screen.

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Seamless Customer Experience

Capture fresh feedback right in the cancellation process

Embed the fully customizable in-app widget for even more convenient collection of cancellation reason. You can also use a combination of email and in-app widget to capture the maximum amount of cancellation reasons and feedback.

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Understand The Why

Understand what to focus on next

Which missing features are costing you the most customers? Are your infrastructure efforts reducing churn? Which competitors are costing you the most money? Cancellation Insights can track all of that and more!

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Automatically follow up on each cancellation

Send automated follow up emails based on the reason for cancellation. Offer discounts to come back, schedule phone calls and send personalized messages so you learn even more about your churn.

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Increase Retention

Reduce churn and build better products

See results in your MRR with customers who reactivate their subscriptions after follow up email or requested product update.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Insights will Baremetrics Show About Cancellation?

Cancellation Insights by Baremetrics shows you the specific reasons why customers cancel their subscription and how much revenue you’re losing to each of these reasons.

With this information, teams can make better informed decisions around where they need to focus next in order to improve customer retention. For example, if you know that technical issues are losing you the most revenue, you can invest in product-related resources and improve your churn rates.

How to Prevent Customer Cancellations

The best way to prevent future customer cancellations is to understand why previous customers have cancelled in the past. By gathering these insights and other metrics, you can identify trends around customer pain points and make better strategic decisions.

Why use Cancellation Insights?

Cancelation Insights automatically reaches out to your churned customers to find out why they cancelled. It then calculates the amount of revenue lost to each reason, giving you key insights to where your business needs improvement- no coding or manual emailing required.

Why use Baremetrics?

Growing a subscription business is hard. Baremetrics provides the analytics and insights that teams need to understand performance, uncover growth opportunities, gain insights to cancellations, and make decisions with data-driven confidence.

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Cancellation Insights is a $129/month add-on feature to your core subscription.

No matter how many insights you collect, $129/month is all you'll pay.

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