Why upgrade to Baremetrics?

We're biased — but here are a few reasons to consider.

1 Get the answers
to your questions, fast

Effortlessly make complex data comparisons

Instantly compare dates, plans, and customizable customer segments. Uncover trends, create goals, and add annotations to mark important milestones and updates. Get detail like you've never seen before — all with a few clicks.

Curated reports delivered automatically

Stay informed with daily, weekly, or monthly reports on all your Baremetrics data. Stay informed from anywhere at anytime, via email or Slack.

2 More than pretty charts
and graphs

Precisely accurate metrics you can trust

At times, Stripe prematurely includes trialing users in metrics, inflating your numbers and muddying data. Test accounts and fake customers can skew metrics, with no way to change this in your account. Delinquent customers can also drastically change reporting if not dealt with properly. Baremetrics can exclude customers who shouldn't be in your metrics so you can trust what you see.

Track metrics your way with custom dashboards

Drag and drop to build your own views of exactly what you want to see! Create multiple dashboards, each with a different purpose, with full control over which metrics, layouts, and data you pull in.

Baremetrics has allowed us to slice and dice all our important SaaS metrics in a way that would have taken hundreds of engineering hours to build ourself. Now we can better spend that time focused on our product instead of building admin tools. I can't image running a SaaS business without Baremetrics.

Dylan Jhaveri

We use Baremetrics to monitor SaaS metrics with a focus on how small product changes impact MRR. Early on, Baremetrics helped us identify specific churn issues and provided great visualizations to help our entire team understand the problem and work together to solve it. We love the tool and can't imagine managing the business without it.

Brennan de Raad

Turning raw data into something meaningful is very hard to do -- but Baremetrics does it masterfully. I thought I knew a lot about our business, but after connecting Baremetrics to our revenue data with a single click, I immediately gained access to actionable insights -- previously hidden in our data -- that are truly moving the needle for us.

Tim Chaves

3 Does it hurt
to see customers cancel?

Slay the churn beast with insights you won't find anywhere else

Learn why customers cancel and how much you're losing to those reasons, then send automated and personalized emails to bring them back.

Start collecting valuable feedback in minutes

With our drop-in form, you can customize every branding element, choose your own reasons, and gather vital insights right in the cancellation process. You can also automatically email users who cancel with an in-email survey. Be up and running with a simple toggle of a switch.

Learn more about Cancellation Insights

Powering some of the most exciting startups in the world

4 Don't leave money on the table
with Stripe's out-of-the-box features

Stripe dunning is limited and inflexible

Stripe retries the card and then sends an email each time the payment fails, before a credit card expires, and before an annual renewal. But you have no ability to add in more emails, fully customize the design of those emails, or account for in-app reminders and paywalls. Not to mention, you'd have to code up your own custom credit card capture form, too.

Are you going to manually chase down every delinquent customer?

Stop wasting valuable time and money having your customer support team (or yourself) track down and reach out to customers one by one. It's not timely, it's not scalable, and your business needs their attention on more valuable activities.

5 Maximize revenue retention
with Recover

Enable Recover in your Baremetrics dashboard

Integrations with your payment processor will already be set up with your core Baremetrics account. Simply click to enable the Recover add-on to start reducing churn and recovering revenue.

Setup automated drip campaigns

10+ turnkey and customizable email sequences are pre-loaded and ready to start sending. Reach out to your customers when it's most important with an email from any one of your team members.

Format in-app reminders and paywalls

Want to send customers an in-app message when their card is failing? Just copy and paste our JavaScript code snippet and we'll take care of the rest. Choose how many days you want users to have access before enabling the paywall to force a payment method update.

Customize the credit card capture form

No need to code a custom solution when you can use those resources elsewhere. Send customers to a distraction-free form optimized to convert where they can update their billing details. Get set up in minutes under a Baremetrics subdomain or host on your own domain with all your own branding.

Plus, get detailed insights into everything that's happening

Everything you ever wanted to know about failed charges, delinquent churn, and recovery rates — now all at your disposal.

On average, Recover pays for itself 38× over.

It's a no-brainer. We’re so confident that you’ll love using Recover and the positive ROI it’ll have for your company that we’ll let you try Recover completely for free, no strings attached, until you recover at least $1,000.

Learn more about Recover

Baremetrics provides me with everything I need to keep a pulse on our business. With just a few clicks I can see where we're at today, where we'll be 12 months from now, and all the money we've recovered through automated dunning.

Christopher Gimmer

Baremetrics pays for its self every single month, without fail. The combination of the Dunning and Report features makes it invaluable for tracking the health of our business.

Jonathan Williamson

Baremetrics has a great product, but more importantly, it is a great company. From Josh's funny but informative articles, to the good humor and friendliness of the team on chat, Baremetrics is proof that software platforms don't have to feel robotic. Interacting with Baremetrics feels like dropping by your neighborhood mom and pop analytics shop.

Jake Kring

6 It's all about you

Personal support from real people

When you need help, you connect directly with our team. No bots. No outsourced support. Real support, from real people, 100% of the time.

You speak, we listen

Something not working correctly? We'll make it right. Something missing that would help you and others? We welcome feedback and are always looking for ways to improve. Expect to read about new features and enhancements every week!

See why teams like Product Hunt, Clubhouse and Kinsta upgrade to Baremetrics

Baremetrics provides a more insightful and comprehensive suite of revenue analytics, revenue recovery, and cancellation insights. See for yourself by starting a free two week trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Baremetrics support more integrations?
You can connect multiple data sources like Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, Apple App Store Connect, Chargebee, and Google Play. You can also import data via our API or uploading manual subscriptions via CSV.
How much is Baremetrics?
Baremetrics prices based on your revenue. Recover and Cancellation Insights are paid add-on features. See our pricing page to find your pricing based on your revenue.
Does Baremetrics have a revenue recognition solution?
We do not have a revenue recognition feature at the moment. If that's critically important to you, get in touch with us and we'd be happy to talk with you to understand your needs.
Can I see Baremetrics before I sign up?
Yep! Go to demo.baremetrics.com.