Monthly Recurring Revenue

Make informed decisions and scale safely.

See intelligent MRR projections with configurable options.

Adjust settings such as length of time, growth type, and churn percentage to make sure you’ve covered your basis.

Cash flow predictions

Your cash flow predictions done right.

We get it. Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to know how much you’ll have in the bank.

Our cash flow forecasting tool helps estimate exactly where you’ll be.

Customer predictions

Predict your customer numbers.

Understanding how many customers you’ll have will help you scale your support efforts more effectively.

Stop guessing and starting knowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a Forecasting Software?

Investing in the future of your business involves strategic financial planning. With the right forecasting software, you can better predict revenue using historical data, anticipate different scenarios, and make important decisions with peace of mind.

When to Start Using a Forecasting Software?

SaaS businesses usually get serious about forecasting in the following situations:

  1. They’re seeking outside investment and need better reporting.

    For many teams, undergoing due diligence is the first time they’ll externally share financial information. Well-prepared financial reports reveal a company’s current financial standing as well as its potential.

  2. They’re scaling and are concerned about cash flow.

    Spending money is a lot easier than earning it. Without positive cash flow, businesses simply cannot stay in operation.

What Is the Best Forecasting Software for Your Business?

When looking for the best forecasting software for your business, there are three key things to look out for:

  1. It integrates with your accounting tool.

  2. You can customize what you forecast.

  3. You’re provided with support during and after onboarding.

Do Small Businesses Need Forecasting Software?

Yes. Small businesses need forecasting software because the alternative to forecasting software is spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can work in the very early stages of a company, but there’s a reason why other solutions exist: spreadsheets require expertise and can be very time consuming to use and update correctly.

Forecasting software like Forecast+ saves you time and money by automatically importing your actuals and making it easier for teams to collaborate.

What Factors Should Change in Forecasting?

Forecasts are built on historical data. This data falls into two categories: external and internal.

Examples of external factors include changes in government policy, economic recessions, events like COVID-19, to name a few.

Examples of internal factors include your company’s number of employees, number of customers, average revenue per user, any increases in marketing budget— things like that.

What Can You Forecast with Baremetrics?

With Baremetrics, you can forecast Revenue, Monthly Recurring Revenue, and your number of customers at a high-level. These forecasts are based solely on data from your Baremetrics account and payment provider.

Forecast+ is an additional feature within the Baremetrics platform, designed to provide advanced and in-depth financial forecasting capabilities by incorporating your subscription metrics.

With Forecast+, in addition to the above, you can forecast revenues, expenses, profit, income bank balance, employee headcount and other workforce-related costs on a much deeper level.

Forecast+ uses data from your Baremetrics account and accounting tool, saving your team 15+ hours of work each month.

Why Use Baremetrics?

Growing a subscription business is hard. Baremetrics provides the analytics and insights that teams need to understand performance, uncover growth opportunities, gain insights to cancellations, and make decisions with data-driven confidence.

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