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Choosing the right business academy in a digital age

Running a Business

Entrepreneurship does not come with a user manual. Success in business is not a paved road with clear signs, road maps, or a buddy riding shotgun who can navigate you reliably through every product launch and PR disaster.

So where do you get your information? Because there’s a lot of conflicting business advice out there.

For most of us, the process of launching or scaling a business takes hard work, endless trial and error, more creativity than we thought possible to muster, and the expertise and opinions of others when decisions aren’t clear – as they often aren’t.

While there’s no user-guide we can skim from the comfort of an ergonomic armchair that’ll take us from curious know-nothing to Fortune 100 business exec, there’s one characteristic consistent among every successful entrepreneur: being a lifelong insatiable learner. Investing in dedicated learners is the reason we provide the quality, open source content of our Baremetrics Business Academy.

Connecting curious entrepreneurs to the most effective ideas

Education doesn’t stop when you’re handed a diploma. To entrepreneurs, our college courses, Econ 101 professors, and thesis advisors represent the starting gate of our education, not the finish line. Academia is where we learn how to learn, and the workplace is where knowledge blends with practice; where the rubber meets the road.

There has never been a better time for satisfying the curiosity of lifelong learners. Information is more accessible than ever because the internet has become a medium for sharing a near-infinite amount of ideas. The new problem is sifting through the abundance of misinformation and shallow business cliché to uncover quality ideas, actionable advice, and true expert opinions.

As Seth Godin puts it,

There’s always the opportunity to cut a corner, sacrifice lifestyle quality and suck it up as we race to grab a little more market share. But the problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win.

We decided to err on the side of quality.

What is a Business Academy?

The Baremetrics Business Academy is an educational resource for business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs who are curious about techniques and tools for achieving success. The platform provides easy-to-read ideas for marketing, launching a startup, starting one’s own business, and nailing down the fundamentals of building and selling a product. It includes a glossary of terms and aims for straightforward answers to nuanced questions.

Every time the Baremetrics’ Business Academy publishes new material, it is our way of contributing to the reading list of lifelong learners eager for well-researched information. We offer tips for handling the day to day challenges that business owners, entrepreneurs, sales experts, and marketers face in the real world.

How to make the most of what you read

If lifelong learning resonates with you, here are some tools for maximizing your education using resources from our Business Academy:

  • Read diversely. If you tend to read exclusively within only one category of the Business Academy, switch things up to glean from material you’re less familiar with. In practice, many elements of the respective categories crosspollinate in real life business.
  • Become a generous annotator. As you read, don’t give your memory the benefit of the doubt. Chances are, you won’t remember most of the valuable information you read. Have a pen in hand or, if you’re reading online, have a document on your computer where you can easily copy and paste the best ideas you find in articles.
  • Set goals for learning. Come to the Business Academy with clear learning goals. Goal-making should not be cryptic or overly generalized, so be clear about what you want to gain. If the first article doesn’t answer your questions, you’ll know it’s time to open another.
  • Practice what you read. In the same vein as annotating, don’t let the actionable advice you read go to waste. Baremetrics’ business articles frequently offer methods and tools for accomplishing specific goals. Instead of just reading the article, give that information a test-run so you don’t miss out on formulas that can help you and your business move forward.

As learners ourselves, we believe in creating work environments that foster growth and initiative. Taking action is paramount to success, and the best actions are educated ones.

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