It seems every week there’s some new tool to “monitor the competition”. But here’s a little secret for you: the competition doesn’t matter.

If you’re genuinely building something that is solving a problem for your customers, the only people you should care about are your customers. Give yourself some credit. You deserve it!

You’re and only you are uniquely equipped to solve the problems your customers have and that’s why they’re paying you. It’s so easy to fall in to the habit of checking up on what your competition is doing. You start checking their blog regularly to see if they’ve released any new features. You add their name in Google Alerts. You follow them on Twitter. All so you don’t miss out on their next big move.

But here’s the problem:** doing this puts you perpetually one step behind. ** It makes you reactive instead of proactive.

Focus on solving the problems of the customers you have (or the customers you want to have). What your competition is doing is at the bottom of the list of things you should care about. Stop chasing the competition.