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Take the SaaS Metrics Survey and Benchmark Your Metrics

by Josh Pigford. Last updated on December 21, 2023

One of the hardest parts of running a business (especially a new one) is knowing if you’re even starting to maybe possibly sort of kind of head in the right direction with your metrics.

My LTV is 4%…is that good or bad? ARPU is $19, should I improve that? My growth rate is 7%, is that something I should focus on? You’ve almost certainly had questions like that. And we want to help you answer them.

Today, we’re announcing the SaaS Metrics Survey.

We’ll use the responses from the survey, along with our own aggregate data to help you understand your own metrics better. You’ll be able to use our results to help benchmark and set your own goals for your company!

It’s a short survey that should take around 3-5 minutes of your time. The more people that take it, the better the data will be and the more everyone benefits!

Take the survey and then share it with other entrepreneurs!


Josh Pigford

Josh is most famous as the founder of Baremetrics. However, long before Baremetrics and until today, Josh has been a maker, builder, and entrepreneur. His career set off in 2003 building a pair of link directories, ReallyDumbStuff and ReallyFunArcade. Before he sold those for profits, he had already started his next set of projects. As a design major, he began consulting on web design projects. That company eventually morphed into Sabotage Media, which has been the shell company for many of his projects since. Some of his biggest projects before Baremetrics were TrackThePack, Deck Foundry, PopSurvey, and Temper. The pain points he experienced as PopSurvey and Temper took off were the reason he created Baremetrics. Currently, he's dedicated to Maybe, the OS for your personal finances.