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Even small technology companies are increasingly going global. One major hurdle they face is how to court and support customers across a variety of countries, speaking many different languages. Enter Localize. Localize has an ambitious goal: to create a global internet by making it easier for companies to translate their app to their customer’s native language.


With such high demand, Localize is quickly scaling its team to deliver on their mission. Case in point, when we first spoke with Tiffany, she’d been working with customers at Localize for a grand total of four weeks!

One of Localize’s goals is to treat every support request as an opportunity to delight, and one of the best ways to do that is to connect with customers on a personal level.

But how do you encourage a great relationship with your customers when you’re meeting them for the first time? Enter Baremetrics.


Customer Profiles quickly became an indispensable resource for Tiffany.

"Basically, it's a huge, nice list of everyone we have on our platform. It's a great resource for me, because I have to learn about these customers.”

In the busy world of a scrappy startup, prioritizing your limited time and resources is crucial. Instead of following up with every single cancellation, Tiffany prioritizes them based on their lifetime value (total money spent prior to them cancelling) and plan value. This allows her to get the insights she needs in less time.


Unlike a traditional CRM, all of the data in customer profiles is automatically populated from your payment provider and enhanced using publicly available social data. This is all done automatically, allowing you to learn more about your customers with zero setup on your part.

The outcome is a simple but powerful one: faster onboarding of new employees. With customer profiles, new folks can acquaint themselves with your customer base more quickly.

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