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A Holistic Approach to Financial Forecasting with Bijan Moallemi

by Clair Pacey. Last updated on June 26, 2024

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This week we talk with Bijan Moallemi, co-founder of Mosaic Finance. You’ll hear about the importance of creating accurate financial models, how to approach forecasting as an iterative process, how to adjusting forecasts to your team, and more!

About Bijan Moallemi:

A graduate of UCSD, Bijan Moallemi has nearly a decade of experience building and leading finance functions at companies like Qualcomm and Palantir. He knew CFOs deserved access to better tools, so he co-founded Mosaic Finance to build the next generation of finance software for CFOs and their teams. Today, Mosaic has achieved a 3.5x increase in customer base, raised $18.5 million in funding with investors like General Catalyst and Founders Fund, and is deployed by the fastest-growing technology companies worldwide.

About Mosaic Finance:

Mosaic is a compass for business leaders, providing a real-time Analytics and Planning platform that helps teams get from data to decision — faster. Historically finance teams have spent the majority of their efforts in reactive mode, wrangling data to unlock basic facts about the past. A Strategic Finance Platform like Mosaic breaks that cycle by integrating data, automating analytics, and connecting teams so they can focus on the future.

Show Notes:

01:00 start of Bijan Moallemi’s entrepreneurial journey

05:00 making the move to fast-growing tech sphere in the Bay area: facing new business challenges

14:00 the importance of building good financial foundations and structures

25:00 the iterative process of choosing a model for financial forecasting: testing and adjusting forecasting over the first couple of years

38:00 troubleshooting and dealing with the fallout of inaccurate financial models

47:00 attracting first customers early on and building the product around them to make sure that what you’re building matches their needs

Clair Pacey

Clair is the founder of a one-woman media start-up, and is keen to share her experience and support other founders, notably in under-represented communities in tech. Clair's writing, media, and business consulting services can be summoned through smoke signals, or at