Benjy Boxer

Josh Pigford on February 11, 2019


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This week I talk with Benjy Boxer, Founder of Parsec, a game streaming company! In this episode we talk about gaining startup experience working at other companies, managing risk, maintaining personal momentum, the importance of celebrating small wins, building a consumer-facing technology company and more!

Show Notes:

  • 1:30- Building a company and not getting distracted by the product itself
  • 2:05- Childhood with entrepreneurial parents
  • 3:30- Growing up surrounded by the medical industry
  • 5:12- Gaming as a kid
  • 8:00- Going to business school rather than medical or law school
  • 9:22- Post-business school; Working at the World Bank
  • 10:30- Working at AOL
  • 11:16- The acquisition side of business
  • 12:12- Investor relations software
  • 14:20- Helping venture capitalists manage their portfolios
  • 14:52- Lesson learned with failing: “Believe and be driven to consistently work on something”
  • 16:20- Hard conversations with co-founders
  • 17:38- Joining Newscred and the opportunity to learn from a startup and a founder with a great reputation
  • 19:40- Getting experience with “no risk”
  • 20:05- Assumption that entrepreneurs are big into taking risks
  • 21:18- Newscred project- Building a million dollar business in a year
  • 24:22- Transition from building content management and licensing stuff to building Parsec gaming
  • 26:09- The right time to start a company
  • 28:14- Time shift data- You always want to work where time shift is going
  • 28:45- Transitioning out of Newscred to Parsec full-time
  • 29:35- First day kickoff feeling
  • 30:27- Realizing the idea might actually work
  • 33:55- Releasing a broken thing as your first version
  • 35:03- Paying Parsec
  • 36:37- Looking different than most New York tech companies
  • 37:00- Keeping momentum up
  • 38:06- Getting the next thing done while maintaining a stable thought process on your business
  • 39:01- Being practical people and celebrating the wins
  • 42:15- Seeing risks on the table for your company
  • 42:55- Parsec as a consumer facing gaming company versus working with larger companies
  • 48:00- “I enjoy owning lots of my company”
  • 49:10- Using media as a way of entertaining and communicating with people
  • 51:05- Looking ahead: The next year for Parsec
  • 53:30- Go big or go home

How to reach Benjy: TwitterParsec Gaming, Email-


Josh Pigford