Claire Lew

Josh Pigford on February 18, 2019

Table of Contents

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This week I talk with Claire Lew, Founder of Know Your Team, where they build software and and produce resources to help you become a better manager! In this episode we talk about culture shock of moving a lot as a kid, how painting and art play a part in being a better leader, how an intervention at her first company led to what she’s doing today, how a random meeting with the guys at Basecamp led to her becoming the CEO of Know Your Team and a whole lot more!

Show Notes

  • 1:00- Painting
  • 3:14- Helping people deeply
  • 4:57- Hobbies to keep you sane and be a better business owner
  • 5:38- Therapeutic outlets vs. an escape
  • 9:05- Childhood
  • 10:45- Moving, growing up, and making friends
  • 13:43- Cultural differences
  • 15:27- Learning to relate to others
  • 17:21- “Don’t go to college”
  • 19:44- Biggest influences in entrepreneurship
  • 20:21- Building and starting your own company is a job
  • 21:16- Student government and entrepreneurship
  • 22:58- Paying attention to what you’re scared of
  • 24:40- A desire to please and external validation
  • 26:37- “What did you study” vs. “What did you learn”
  • 27:58- Shifting to entrepreneurship while in college
  • 29:30- Brainstorming all the problems they wanted to solve in the world
  • 30:49- Building an in-person software school- The Starter Week
  • 33:45- Intervention from co-founders
  • 34:55- Most important lesson — self awareness
  • 36:02- Self identity and means of motivation
  • 37:15- Reflecting about what to do in life
  • 37:42- Inspiration for the journey
  • 39:40- Learning and organizational change. The science of leadership
  • 43:15- Testing a hypothesis on solving the problem
  • 44:08- Getting honest insights from people within the company
  • 44:45- Intro to Jason Fried (Basecamp)
  • 47:29- “Time is ticking and I’m running out of money”
  • 49:30- Everything lining up perfectly
  • 51:17- Moving into the CEO role and talking to customers
  • 52:22- Creating a vision
  • 54:00- Having a functioning piece of software
  • 56:22- Transitioning and changing the business model for Know Your Team
  • 58:18- Switching from speaking to writing
  • 59:50- 700 demos
  • 1:01:01- Organic traffic
  • 1:01:55- Mismatch of audience and product…let’s change the product
  • 1:04:13- “We’re not growing”
  • 1:07:29- Writing and releasing guides
  • 1:08:16- Responses from existing customer base
  • 1:09:36- Running out of time
  • 1:11:52- How much of this stuff matters?
  • 1:13:02- The next year for Know Your Team

Josh Pigford