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Jesse Genet

by Josh Pigford. Last updated on February 07, 2024

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This week I talk with Jesse Genet, Founder of Lumi! In this episode we talk about being a tinkerer as a kid, getting in to screen printing in high school and how that has been a common thread in every business for 15 years, being on Shark Tank, shutting down a successful business, the role of printing processes in human history and more.

Show Notes

  • 3:45- Technology and hobbies as a kid- more into physical tinkering
  • 8:00- Impact of parents on entrepreneurial spirit
  • 10:00- Job in high school printing and selling shirts
  • 11:00- 3 years of high school
  • 13:00- Selling t-shirts in California for the summer
  • 15:25- Finding a loophole in getting out of Senior year of high school
  • 18:55- What Senior year actually looked like
  • 20:24- “Push for a thing, get the thing, then you have to actually do the thing”
  • 24:00- Pursuing higher education
  • 26:43- Moved to LA and went to Art Center College of Design for Industrial Design
  • 28:55- The smartest choice Jesse ever made
  • 30:38- Meeting co-founder, Stephan
  • 31:35- “Let’s start a business”- Inkodye
  • 33:10- First Kickstarter project
  • 35:35- Balance between creative stuff and business stuff
  • 38:10- Sandwich video
  • 41:10- Applied and got into Y- Combinator
  • 42:58- Catalyst for transitioning out of Inkodye
  • 44:20- Shark Tank experience
  • 47:30- Results of Y-Combinator and the impact on creating Lumi
  • 48:50- Transition from customizing “literally anything” to shipping and packaging
  • 50:25- Expert in printing processes
  • 51:45- What has made you stick with printing processes for so long?
  • 54:45- The next year for Lumi

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Josh Pigford

Josh is most famous as the founder of Baremetrics. However, long before Baremetrics and until today, Josh has been a maker, builder, and entrepreneur. His career set off in 2003 building a pair of link directories, ReallyDumbStuff and ReallyFunArcade. Before he sold those for profits, he had already started his next set of projects. As a design major, he began consulting on web design projects. That company eventually morphed into Sabotage Media, which has been the shell company for many of his projects since. Some of his biggest projects before Baremetrics were TrackThePack, Deck Foundry, PopSurvey, and Temper. The pain points he experienced as PopSurvey and Temper took off were the reason he created Baremetrics. Currently, he's dedicated to Maybe, the OS for your personal finances.