Jesse Genet

Josh Pigford on June 25, 2018

Table of Contents

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This week I talk with Jesse Genet, Founder of Lumi! In this episode we talk about being a tinkerer as a kid, getting in to screen printing in high school and how that has been a common thread in every business for 15 years, being on Shark Tank, shutting down a successful business, the role of printing processes in human history and more.

Show Notes

  • 3:45- Technology and hobbies as a kid- more into physical tinkering
  • 8:00- Impact of parents on entrepreneurial spirit
  • 10:00- Job in high school printing and selling shirts
  • 11:00- 3 years of high school
  • 13:00- Selling t-shirts in California for the summer
  • 15:25- Finding a loophole in getting out of Senior year of high school
  • 18:55- What Senior year actually looked like
  • 20:24- “Push for a thing, get the thing, then you have to actually do the thing”
  • 24:00- Pursuing higher education
  • 26:43- Moved to LA and went to Art Center College of Design for Industrial Design
  • 28:55- The smartest choice Jesse ever made
  • 30:38- Meeting co-founder, Stephan
  • 31:35- “Let’s start a business”- Inkodye
  • 33:10- First Kickstarter project
  • 35:35- Balance between creative stuff and business stuff
  • 38:10- Sandwich video
  • 41:10- Applied and got into Y- Combinator
  • 42:58- Catalyst for transitioning out of Inkodye
  • 44:20- Shark Tank experience
  • 47:30- Results of Y-Combinator and the impact on creating Lumi
  • 48:50- Transition from customizing “literally anything” to shipping and packaging
  • 50:25- Expert in printing processes
  • 51:45- What has made you stick with printing processes for so long?
  • 54:45- The next year for Lumi

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Josh Pigford