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This week I talk with…myself! This was a live-streamed episode where I walked through the entirety of my past 15 years of business, in which I’ve started, built, and shut down over 50 different projects!

In fact, you can see the full list I covered right here in this Google Spreadsheet!

I walked through how that many projects came to be, why I started each, how I failed at most of them and the stories behind how many of them got sold and a lot more!

I also did an extensive Q&A session at the end. Hope you enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • 2:10- Token entrepreneurial kid
  • 3:56- Computers coming on the scene
  • 4:50- “AOL was the internet”
  • 6:00- Making websites
  • 8:01- Desire to make something from scratch for myself
  • 8:47- The easiest thing to build was a link directory
  • 11:30- Selling ReallyDumbStuff
  • 12:02- All things music
  • 13:30- Automatik Studios- First freelance consulting company
  • 13:48- Tutorial Outpost and photoshop
  • 15:18- Ad revenue was huge!
  • 16:28- “After 2003, I hit a string of some of my worst ideas”
  • 17:12- Amazon affiliates
  • 19:20- End of 2004- Getting into video editing
  • 20:01- Blogging as publications
  • 20:14- TheAppleBlog
  • 22:36: Sabotage Media- Shell company for all of my projects (besides Baremetrics)
  • 23:33- One of my favorites…. “Survive the War”
  • 27:25- Adregate (early 2006)- Sell my own ads and make more money and control who was advertising on the site
  • 28:50- The week of launching Adregate, GOOGLE announced it’s own ad management platform
  • 30:20- Sold Adregate
  • 32:20- Fugitive Toys- eCommerce company- first thing I started with other people
  • 34:00- Recession hit, sold the toy company (2006)
  • 35:33- Building traditional apps/interactive things
  • 38:48- First SaaS product
  • 40:06- Sold TrackThePack, at the last second took it back, shut it down a year later
  • 43:26- “Late 2007 is when I stop doing stupid stuff and really start trying things.”
  • 45:36- TechUniversity- Mac video tutorials
  • 47:27- Pop survey (2011)- Sets stage for where Baremetrics comes from
  • 49:20- Wanted a SaaS metrics tool but there was nothing out there so I built Baremetrics as an internal tool and it took off
  • 50:30- Sold off Pop Survey and Temper to focus on growing Baremetrics
  • 51:03- Baremetrics launches 2013
  • 51:11- In 2016, I got itch to work on different things
  • 51:40- Created Cedar and Sail as a creative outlet
  • 52:30- Rockburg (2017)- Music simulation game
  • 52:48- Droptune (2018)- New music notification service
  • 53:05- Currently: Forage and Fabricate- Makers show and publication on “How to make things”
  • 54:10- 15 year history of 57 different companies and projects!
  • 54:15- Q & A’s

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