Ryan Carson

Josh Pigford on July 09, 2018

Table of Contents

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This week I talk with Ryan Carson, Founder of Treehouse! In this episode we talk about moving to England on a whim, learning how to manage a team, starting a conference company, how Ryan found his true calling, what’s wrong with education today and more!

Show Notes

  • 2:05- Powerful life skills
  • 3:56- Y2K Solutions
  • 5:45- How upbringing influenced journey in helping others
  • 6:30- “Things can be taken away as quickly as they can be earned”
  • 7:30- Karma
  • 8:10- Interacting with humans…Just be nice!
  • 9:20- You have to have healthy conflict to be effective
  • 10:00- Clear expectations
  • 10:30- Resources for management
  • 12:00- Learning how to be a manager the hard way

*Book Recommendation*: The Speed of Trust

  • 13:20- Trust is built, not earned
  • 14:50- “You don’t need a college degree to succeed anymore”
  • 15:38- Pre-Treehouse…Moving to England!
  • 19:20- Starting the first company
  • 21:55- Fallback plan for the next “thing”
  • 22:40- How to Build Enterprise PHP Web Apps
  • 24:30- Creative Fight Club
  • 28:04- Right time, right idea
  • 30:10- Sold $10k sponsorship to Adobe
  • 30:50- Wake up call!
  • 31:45- Change more lives
  • 32:48- Transition in business plan/scope
  • 33:38- Think Vitamin and the beginning of Treehouse
  • 36:50- Creating talent
  • 37:35- Staying focused
  • 38:48- How Treehouse has changed from the Think Vitamin blog creation to now
  • 41:05- “The purpose of my life is to empower other people”
  • 42:02- The next year for Treehouse

How to reach Ryan: Twitter

Josh Pigford