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Get deep insights into your trial funnel with trial conversion rates, lead velocity, historical trial comparisons, trials at risk and more! All in typical no-setup Baremetrics fashion. Get access to your trial metrics in no time at all!

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6.8% Conversion Rate

Know your trial conversion rate

Getting access to your trial conversion rate can be surprisingly difficult. Baremetrics gives it to you with zero setup! And even better, you get full historical access into how your conversion rate is changing over time!

In just one week, Baremetrics helped us grow MRR by 15% through simple insights into our pricing plans. It's becoming our #1 tool for optimizing our SaaS business.

See who’s coming and going

Stay on top of all your trial lead velocity as well as trials that are ending soon so you can act on them and work to close those deals!

Baremetrics takes all of the manual work we were previously performing for our SaaS reporting and automatically gives us an at-a-glance dashboard of our key metrics. Huge timesaver for any SaaS business looking to grow.

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Send data, or pull it out...make metrics a part of every facet of your business.

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Baremetrics has been paramount to Subbly. It's given us the insight necessary to make better business decisions and to keep us motivated and focused on improving our subscription ecommerce platform for our merchants.

Stefan Pretty

Baremetrics gives us incredible insights into our monthly numbers and growth, and provides us with invaluable information that allows us to improve our business in ways that weren't possible for us before.

Mathias Meyer

Baremetrics is our go-to dashboard to see how the business is doing. It's the easiest way to get a snapshot of the most important information all in one place, and you don't have to worry about set up or maintenance.

Mattan Griffel
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