BadgerMaps helps field sales agent plan, schedule, and route their sales visits. By optimizing this process, they help sales people visit more leads, and in turn, make more money. And who doesn’t like making money?

Speaking of money, when we met up with the team at BadgerMaps, we asked them a potentially risky question.

“Why are you paying for Baremetrics?”

Crazy, I know. We were basically inviting them to second guess their decision.

Fortunately, CEO Steven Benson had the answer of our dreams. “It hasn't even occurred to me to not pay for it. It's a no-brainer service from my perspective.”


Steven is a busy guy. During our chat, he was simultaneously answering my questions and ordering a late lunch from his iPhone (which led to a pretty hilarious transcript of our chat). Baremetrics helps him to do one really important thing: make money.

“As a business manager, you want to have your finger on the pulse. We used to run these types of reports manually about once a month. Within a few days, it’s out of date.”

With Baremetrics, Steven can quickly get the information he needs to make informed decisions, and get back to running the business.

Dunning–our tool for automatically following up with customers who have expiring cards or failed payments–has been a huge success. Within about a month of setting it up, BadgerMaps recovered about a $1000 worth of failed payments, essentially printing money and paying for the cost of Baremetrics and then some.

To date, BaderMaps have recovered $23,000 from dunning. No wonder Steven referred to Baremetrics as a no-brainer.