Introducing Flightpath Finance: Our New Secret Weapon

Lindsey Rogerson on November 01, 2021

It would be an understatement to say that we’re a fan of Flightpath Finance. Not only have we been using it as an integral financial modelling tool throughout the last several years, but Baremetrics itself has been a loyal Flightpath customer since day one.

We’re excited to announce that Baremetrics has acquired Flightpath Finance. The intention of the acquisition is to integrate Baremetrics and FlightPath to bring you an end-to-end financial data tool. Initially, we’ll be bringing your Baremetrics data into your Flightpath account so you can forecast new revenue by new customers, expansion, contraction, and churn.

Every day here at Baremetrics we receive product requests and customer feedback on how we can improve our offering to you. Afterall, our philosophy at Baremetrics is to help our customers make more

What can Baremetrics do to help you make more? We can improve our forecasting tools and provide better metrics on expense data.You asked. We listened. Flightpath brings this functionality.

Announcing any kind of acquisition is exciting, but announcing our acquisition of Flightpath, a tool we literally use and rely on daily feels extra special. We’ve loved Flightpath for a long time, and as the founders begin to move onto their next big goals, the timing to acquire it is finally right. 

The truth is, even if we had to wait another year to buy FlightPath, it would be worth it. 

The acquisition of dedicated financial modeling software will allow users to turbo charge their forecasting. Flightpath finance is our new (now not-so-secret) weapon.

Want to learn more about how to connect your Baremetrics account to Flightpath?


You can use Flightpath right now

While Baremetrics and Flightpath remain separate products at the moment (check out our vision below if you’re interested in our plans), you can start using Flightpath now. Baremetrics and Flightpath have complementary functions, and the Baremetrics team will pipe all of your data into Flightpath for you to help you get started. 

Want to get started? You can book some time with our team here

What is Flightpath?

Founded in 2015 by Jaakko Piipponen, Luke Owen and Ricky Davila, Flightpath began as a simple consulting hotline. With the founders’ brilliance, Flightpath quickly developed into the financial modeling software for SaaS companies that we love and use everyday. 

Flightpath allows you to forecast your revenues, expenses and bank balance, giving you better visibility into your company’s future. 

Have you ever held off on a key hire because you weren’t sure you had the cashflow to support them? Have you ever hit a cash crunch unexpectedly that could have been easy to deal with if you had a heads up? Have you ever struggled to illustrate to your board or an investor where funding is going to be spent and what your growth trajectory will look like over the next 12, 24, or 48 months? 

Flightpath + Baremetrics has you covered on all of the above so you can spend your time running your business and making great decisions.


What does this mean for Baremetrics users?

It means we can finally offer our users the forecasting and accounting tools they have been asking for. 

Here are some of Flightpath’s features that we’re now excited to offer you:

  • Automatically sync your Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet from QuickBooks or Xero, and generate a cash flow statement based off that data

  • Get detailed operational forecasting

  • Get revenue projection based on your real future plans, such as your marketing plan or sales pipeline

  • Forecast your predictable expenses using Autopilot forecasting, and create custom models for everything else

  • Automate your forecasts 

  • Plan out expenses like employee salaries, marketing, and more

  • Map multiple scenarios for the future of your company

  • Compare your forecasts to your actuals, so you can make better decisions about your future

  • Create custom dashboards that will update automatically in the future—perfect for preparing month-end reports and investor updates

Flightpath means you can outsource even more of your accounting to a SaaS product, to keep your in-house team lean.

With Flightpath on our side, Baremetrics users can:

  • Get more done without having to hire more people to your finance team

  • Forecast future revenue in a detailed way using historical data from Baremetrics

  • Reduce errors by eliminating spreadsheets

  • Do real financial forecasting that incorporates your business plan

For too long companies have been forecasting in Google Sheets or Excel, breaking spreadsheets by accidentally modifying one formula. They use software that doesn’t interact intuitively with financial providers, and models that are based on generic percentage growths that aren’t driven by data. 

This leads to issues and errors. 

Our acquisition of Flightpath means that users will be able to use their Baremetrics data to forecast growth more accurately in Flightpath’s Revenue Model. Forecasts can be built not only on percentage, but deep-dive into moving, data-driven factors like new revenue, expansion, contraction and churn, and how they affect your revenue forecasts depending on your business mechanics.

With Flightpath comes the ability to create custom metrics based on user expense and revenue data. They can use custom parameters to create any formula or permutations to visualize data e.g., revenue as a function of headcount over 3 years. They will also be able to answer deeper questions on expense data, like CAC over time or revenue per employee. Not only this, Flightpath brings all this data to custom dashboards, allowing users to visualize whatever they want to see. 


The vision: Flightpath will be accessible inside the Baremetrics dashboard

Our vision for the integration between Baremetrics and Flightpath is to make it completely seamless. We want to have Flightpath functionality right inside your Baremetrics UI. Just like other features, such as Recover or Cancellation Insights, Flightpath will be another tool inside of the Baremetrics toolkit. 

Not only will you be able to see your MRR, ARR and more, you’ll be able to directly pull up your income statements, balance statements and forecasts.

Building out this seamless connection between FlightPath and Baremetrics will take some time. In the interim, we will be facilitating customers to make the best use of both products via our support team. 

Our support team will export your data directly from Baremetrics into FlightPath so you don’t have to do anything. We’re excited to help our customers play with the new tool as soon as possible!

We’ll do whatever it takes

Our team is working hard to determine what the integration of Flightpath with Baremetrics looks like, and as with any acquisition, the road ahead poses many new challenges. It’s an adventure that our team is extremely excited about.

In the spirit of helping our customers make more, we know that our acquisition of Flightpath will mean you can hire less people, buy you and your finance team time, and ultimately get more done.

The Baremetrics team is working hard to bring you more value than ever before. If you have any questions, reach out to us at! We’re excited to chat with you about Flightpath and show you how you can start using it now!

Baremetrics has acquired Flightpath, a financial operating tool for SaaS. Use Flightpath and Baremetrics together to build and populate your financial models.

Lindsey Rogerson

Lindsey is the former Marketing Manager for Xenon Partners, where she advised on SaaS growth strategy across several products. Lindsey's passion is great documentation and reporting on brilliant ideas, enabling people to actually act on and communicate about these ideas. Lindsey loves working with the Baremetrics blog because it is here where we can really make this happen.