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How to Develop the Products Your Customers Actually Need with Aran Khanna

by Clair Pacey. Last updated on February 07, 2024


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About Aran:

Aran Khanna has been labeled many things. Thought leader. Innovator. And (at times) troublemaker. Now, in his search to give technological control back to developers and business leaders, he’s added cloud management entrepreneur to that list as the Co-Founder & CEO of Archera, a company that helps organizations find cloud solutions that fit their companies.

About Archera:

Archera uses machine learning to help organizations automate & de-risk their cloud strategies. The company’s goal is to put control back into the hands of developers and business leaders so they can use the resources they need when they need them, without hemorrhaging time and money.
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Show Notes:

3:30 The start to Aran’s entrepreneurial journey: researching issues in default privacy settings and data leaks

9:20 Creating a ‘marauder’s map’ kind of location-data tracking software to expose privacy issues within Facebook Messenger in 2015

16:20 Working in deep learning and machine learning with a focus on the impact of leaked user data

20:45 How can new software cause unintentional problems at scale? The issue with developing new algorithms without considering their societal impact

23:50 ‘Minimal viable confidence’: companies need to be sure that the net impact of their products will be positive, and should have contingency plans for addressing their negative side effects.

32:30 Developing Archera as a solution to enterprise workflow problems through automation. How to make cloud infrastructure systems proactive, predictive and automated, rather than reactive and manual.

41:20 Customer unpredictability leads to downstream waste; the importance of good forecasting

45:00 Working remotely: best practice tips for developing a top-down rapport as a founder, and keeping your team motivated

50:00 Always make sure what you build is in the best interest of your user. Working backwards from what your customer needs, not what your competition is doing or what you think will maximize revenue, is the winning strategy.

Clair Pacey

Clair is the founder of a one-woman media start-up, and is keen to share her experience and support other founders, notably in under-represented communities in tech. Clair's writing, media, and business consulting services can be summoned through smoke signals, or at