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All your data is anonymized.

Investors can only see your 4 core metrics and the industries you operate in. They only get access to your company information and additional metrics after you accept their intro request.

4 core metrics

MRR, Monthly Growth Rate, Number of Users and ARPU

Those are the metrics investors see. It's the minimal amount for them to make the decision on requesting intros.

Intro requests

Accept or decline requests from Investors.

Receive Intro requests from Investors looking for startups like yours. You can see their profile and decide to accept or decline an intro.


Intros are completely free for startups.

Baremetrics Intros is completely free for startups. It also comes with a 14 day trial on a full Baremetrics subscription, so you can explore all the other features. After the trial is over, you can simply keep using Baremetrics Intros.

Receiving Intros is just few clicks away.

Connect your data, fill out a simple form and start receiving intros from investors!

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