Price for the customers you want

Startup Tips

Here’s the dealio. A $9/mo customer is an entirely different customer than a $99/mo customer.

They’re a different sales process, they’ll use your product differently and, more importantly, they’ll have drastically different support loads.

That $9 customer will likely make up the large majority of your support requests. They’ll demand the most. They’ll nag you the most. They’ll keep you awake at night.

And they’re the most likely to jump ship when a competitor comes out with something similar and charges $8 for it.

You don’t want to build a business on customers who will spend more at McDonald’s for lunch than they do on a business product that creates value for them.

**Go after customers who aren’t price conscious. **

That $99 customer is happy to fork over the cash because they’re mature enough to know that anything that saves time/money or creates value is worth paying for. On top of that, they’ll also be exponentially more loyal.

They won’t waste their time looking for things that are marginally better…they pay for what works the most and then they get back to building their business.

And as a general rule, if the businesses you’re targeting don’t charge much money, don’t expect to make much money from them.

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