Best Cash Flow Modeling Software

Mathew Gollow on May 12, 2021

Cash flow modelling software lets you use historical data from a time period to develop a forecast of your incoming cash from revenue. For SaaS businesses, you use your contraction monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn, and average revenue per customer in addition to other transaction data to predict your future cash flow.

We’ve previously discussed creating a financial model that encompasses cash flow, operations, revenue, and forecasting. In that post, you’ll find everything you need to create a financial model that helps you operate your business. Leveraging a cash flow modelling software will help you simplify the process even further. 

If you’re a SaaS or eCommerce business, you have a unique situation with cash flow because of the importance of retention, recurring revenue, and dunning. Baremetrics has robust forecasting tools built indirectly, so you can have all of your SaaS reporting in one place. 

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Why does SaaS cash flow modelling matter?

Cash flow is an extremely important part of your SaaS financial model. Understanding your current and future cash flow allows you to determine realistic growth goals, improve your budgeting, and work with your salespeople to set goals. 

Rather than manually creating a cash flow model or sales model, you might choose to use a cash flow modelling software to reduce the amount of effort involved in these predictions. By using software with an AI algorithm or other automation, you can improve the accuracy of your financial model. 

Top Options for Cash Flow Modelling Software

If you’re trying to weigh your options for cash flow modelling software, you will probably come across a few options in your search. Here are some popular cash flow modelling software options, with pros and cons for each:  

Forecast+ by Baremetrics

Forecast+ by Baremetrics offers a masterclass in cash flow modeling, ensuring businesses are always a step ahead.

The Integration Power of Forecast+

1. Starting with the Basics - The Baremetrics Core:
Baremetrics, renowned for its Subscription Analytics and Insights, serves as the foundation. With just one click, businesses are presented with a clear snapshot of their subscription-based performance. This data is crucial, not just for understanding past trends, but for predicting future cash flows, ensuring businesses are always prepared.

2. Keeping Track of Cash - The Cash Flow Tool:
Knowing your cash inflow is fundamental. The Cash Flow Tool specializes in analysing your active subscriptions' payment schedules. By analyzing the renewal dates of all active subscriptions, it ensures that businesses have a realistic and actionable cash flow model, allowing them to plan and strategize effectively.

3. Bringing It All Together - Forecast+:
Here's where things get really exciting.  Forecast+ enables you to takes the granular insights from the Baremetrics Core, combine them with the projections from the Cash Flow Tool, and then layer on vital accounting data. The result is a comprehensive and holistic cash flow model that offers businesses unparalleled clarity. With its intuitive dashboards and the added advantage of being included with no additional costs for active Baremetrics subscribers, Forecast+ is an indispensable tool for any business serious about mastering their cash flow.

In a world where cash flow can make or break a business, Forecast+ by Baremetrics ensures you're always in control, with a clear view of the road ahead.

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Float is a popular add-on that works in tandem with online accounting software like Quickbooks Online, Xero, and FreeAgent. Float works by importing transaction data from these sources.

The downside of Float is that it does not integrate directly with payment processors that work for recurring payments. Instead, it relies on accounting data when it comes to SaaS businesses. For SaaS and eCommerce businesses dealing with a high volume of transactions in a given time frame, the most accurate forecasting comes directly from transactional data. 


For businesses using Quickbooks for accounting and invoicing, there is a cash flow forecast report available. You can define different data points that impact your business model and revenue projections to create your revenue forecasting report, including your accounts receivable, bank account balances, and credit card ledgers. Once the report is generated, revenue projections can be adjusted using historical data from any time window of your choice by adjusting the date range. 

When using Quickbooks, you have to generate your reports manually. If your accounting processes aren’t fully automated, you won’t always have the most accurate revenue forecasting when you use Quickbooks. 


Dryrun is a financial forecasting tool that aims to provide businesses with insights into their cash flow, revenue projections, and scenario planning. By integrating with several accounting platforms, it offers a consolidated view of financial data, allowing businesses to anticipate potential financial outcomes. A feature that some businesses might find useful is its ability to model multiple financial scenarios, offering a degree of flexibility in planning.

However, it's worth noting that while Dryrun provides a range of features, there might be a learning curve for those unfamiliar with financial modeling tools. In the crowded space of financial forecasting tools, Dryrun presents itself as one of the many options available to businesses.

Choosing revenue forecasting tools for your business

If you need to invest in your business’s operations, hire additional team members, or make a purchase, you need to know if you’ll have the liquid resources available. When you have a clear understanding of your cash flow, you can make important decisions about budgeting and sales goals.

Baremetrics lets you seamlessly combine forecasting, reporting, customer management, and dunning all-in-one dashboard with customizable views and live updates. 

If you’re ready to get started with a better sales forecasting tool for SaaS business, begin your free trial of Baremetrics today. 

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