Peek Into Buffer’s Financials With Baremetrics

Josh Pigford on April 28, 2014

A few weeks ago I was at MicroConf, and on the way to dinner, Hiten Shah (co-founder of KISSmetrics) and I were talking about how the demo for Baremetrics is our actual live data (i.e. all of our revenue metrics are public).

Making metrics like that public isn’t something many businesses do, but one business that has been a huge influence in that regard is Buffer. The fact that they are so transparent with their business made us doing that so much easier.

So as Hiten and I continued that conversation over dinner, when he suggested, “What if Buffer used Baremetrics and made their dashboard public as well?”…I knew that was a deal that needed to happen. Hiten is an advisor to Buffer and meets with them weekly, so he showed them Baremetrics and how it could help them be even more transparent.

Well, here we are, two weeks later, and that deal is done.

I’m extremely excited to be able to partner with the guys at Buffer as they use Baremetrics to get their own business metrics. And in true Buffer fashion, they’ve made it completely public!

You can now dig in and see all the juicy details on Buffer from their MRR to LTV to User Churn and more!

Check it out at any time.

Also, Buffer’s post on this is a fantastic read.

Is Baremetrics for you?

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So if you use Stripe to do any sort of recurring billing, you’ll likely get a truckload of value.

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Josh Pigford

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