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How to Use Marketing Analytics Tools in 2021

by Lea LeBlanc. Last updated on December 07, 2023

Marketing analytics tools for subscription-based companies can be hard to navigate, but they’re necessary to use if you want to understand where revenue comes from. 

Think of it like this: Why would someone spend $5.5 million on a 30-second Super Bowl ad without understanding how it’ll perform?

You need tools that will give you the necessary information as easily as possible. This helps you monitor and proactively adapt projects in real time. 

In this post, you’ll learn about the best marketing analytics tools to effectively get your brand noticed online. With these at your disposal, you’ll optimize your marketing projects.

Baremetrics is a full suite of tools to help businesses grow. It starts at the Control Center, a central hub with an activity trail for every single transaction your business processes. Start a free Baremetrics trial today. 

Leverage Control Center and Smart Dashboards

The Baremetrics Control Center is an intuitive place to get a visual overview of the business workflow. You can react in real time to whatever is happening, including purchases, signups, cancellations, and more.

Whatever your key performance indicators are, this control centre gives you the exact data you need to make important decisions.

This overview leads to Smart Dashboards that have audience insights and other reports to dive as deep as you need into how your sales are generated. Each dashboard is custom-made to track any possible metric you could want, like customer churn.

You can perform complex data comparisons, find trends, create goals, and forecast performance. No matter what information you need, Baremetrics Control Center and Smart Dashboards have you covered.

And you can get started with a free trial right now.

Use People Insights and Segmentation

Companies that organize customers into meaningful market segments create wins. It’s a time-intensive process when done in spreadsheets, and that manual process is easily overlooked.

Baremetrics offers personalized People Insights and rich customer profiles to forge deeper customer connections. You can segment customers however you want to get the most comprehensive insights.

Track conversions, responses, active subscribers, and more. Segmentation can be set with a variety of details, like geography and account status.

Of course, this information is useless if you can’t easily export it to other business systems and databases.

Want to Reduce Your Churn?

Use Baremetrics to measure churn, LTV and other critical business metrics that help them retain more customers. Want to try it for yourself?

Track Augmentation and Forecasting

Data in Baremetrics is easily merged with external data sources to attach even more information to your customer profiles. You gain a holistic view of your business when you can trace the full customer journey through each employee’s hands.

Maybe it’s that latest social media campaign from the intern driving sales. Perhaps your ghostwriter is hitting all the write buttons for your SEO rankings to improve.

Whether you want to know a customer’s lifetime value or a which platform has the highest churn rate, our Augmentation tools have you covered.

The data is so robust, it’s almost like having a crystal ball. Your management can quickly make high-level decisions on the fly using intelligent MRR projections configured to your business’ specific needs.

Forecast cash flow and predict changes in customer traffic before they happen. If your marketers don’t know how to navigate through the post-pandemic economy, Baremetrics Forecasting can do it.

Set Benchmarks and Gain Trial Insights

No company is successful without understanding how they fit in the market. Your metrics are useless unless they’re put into context with the rest of the industry.

And while graphs give you a quick visual representation, our insights come with explanations. You’ll know where you’re high or low. You can also optimize seasonal and regional pricing using Benchmarks.

Since free trials are the lifeblood of subscription business models, they’re a popular marketer tool. Tracing users through this trial period is as important as any social media or SEO campaign.

Trial Insights creates actionable groupings that max each customer’s lifetime value. This increases your conversion rate, the most important metric for any marketer.

Communicate Through Slack

Data is only as useful as the people monitoring and reacting to it. It’s not easy managing distributed virtual teams living in different time zones.

Slack is a collaboration tool that reaches across all boundaries. And because it’s integrated into Baremetrics, all your reports are automatically sent to the right stakeholders.

Every team member can get personalized notifications on demand for every event. Instant notifications decrease processing times and increase operating margins overall.

It also makes your Baremetrics data available across all devices. 

Marketing Analytics Tools: Conclusion

Growing a membership business is no simple task. Using data to monitor MRR, churn and other crucial metrics can give you insights to make smarter decisions.

Join Product Marketing Alliance and hundreds of other startups that use Baremetrics for their subscription analytics. Start a free trial today!

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