Staying on top of what’s happening with your business can be a lot of work, especially when it comes to making sure you’re not missing out on revenue or making a great impression with your customers.

Today, we’ve launched something to help with both of those called Notifications.

Now you and your team can get notified via email right when important activity happens with your business, or get a daily summary of it.

These are customizable on a per-user basis, so each user on your account only receives emails that are useful to them!

A few quick ways they can be put to use…

  • Failed Charges: When a customer’s charge fails, you can immediately follow up and help them update their billing.
  • Cancellations: Follow up with customers who have cancelled to learn what you could have done better.
  • New Customers: Welcome new customers and learn more about their business.
  • Downgrades: When you notice a lot of downgrades it can be an indication that your plans aren’t serving your users well.

Hope you enjoy the new feature! It’s currently available on our Startup and higher plans.

Check it out let me know what you think!