Over the past year of building Baremetrics, something we’ve found to be critical of improving your metrics is having your entire team on board and focused on the same goals. The more your team can see the direct effects of their work on the business, the more they can get behind improving them.

So today, we’ve made that much easier for every single company on Baremetrics. Every account now has unlimited team members, regardless of what plan they’re on! That means every business at every stage will be able to get their entire team on board to improve the business!

Reduced churn and limiting resources

From a business side of things, getting a company’s full team on board also means reduced churn. Not necessarily because it’s harder to stop using a tool that your whole team is involved with (though that certainly plays a role), but more so for the reasons mentioned above. Your metrics are genuinely more useful when your whole team is able see them and learn from them.

As we were coming up with pricing plans early on, “team members” seemed like an obvious upgrade point, especially on the smaller plans. It’s a “resource” that many teams would want more of, so why not charge for it? But in reality it’s been counterintuitive and hurt more than helped.

So, to all current and future Baremetrics customers, I highly encourage you to get as many folks from your team added to your Baremetrics account as possible. The more of your team that is involved and aware of your core business metrics, the more progress you’ll make towards improving those metrics.