Setting up your Baremetrics Account

Layna Thompson on August 05, 2021

Today we’re walking through some of your FAQs and showing the best practices for setting up your Baremetrics account.

The first step of the journey is to make sure you’ve signed up for an account, and that you’ve connected your billing data. Then, invite your team members and we can all learn together!


Control Center

The heart of your account is the Control Center. Think of it as an overview of the general health of your business. There are three big things you need to know how to do:

1. Assemble your own version of the Control Center with custom dashboards

Custom views allow you to assemble the metrics, goals, and tables you care about most in one place. Create separate views for different purposes, teams, or perspectives. It’s all up to you!

2. Quickly get answers to your questions with the Breakdown Module

How’d we do last month? How many new customers did we get last week? What’s happening today? These are all questions you can get answered at a glance!

3. Monitor important subscription events as they happen with the Live Stream

Keep an eye on signups, cancellations, payments, upgrades, and more.

Everyone uses metrics differently. Sometimes the terms aren’t easily interchangeable and you might start to feel a little lost. We recommend bookmarking this post with the terms we use and their definitions until you get the hang of the Baremetrics slang.

Segment Your Customers

We enrich all of your customers with Clearbit data, providing you the ability to segment by company size, location, vertical, and more. Similar to a billing CRM, you can use segmentation to view detailed records of each customer, filter by attributes, and append important information.

Do you want to get really advanced and compare B2B to B2C customers? US vs European customers? Customers with an NPS score of 7+? Easy.

Baremetrics Dives Deep into the most Important SaaS Metrics

Get deep insights into MRR, churn, LTV and more to grow your business

Customer Augmentation

You are also able to bring in external, third-party data to give context to your numbers that you can’t get anywhere else. You can import CSV files, connect with Zapier, sync with Intercom, or even use our API to send us additional data.

Have a customer that pays by invoice, wire transfer, or check? Not a problem. You can create as many Manual Subscriptions as you need through the interface, or in bulk via CSV upload.

Recover and Cancelation Insights

By now you may have noticed that those failed payments from customers are more impactful than you originally thought. That’s why we developed Recover, our in-house dunning service that lives right here in your metrics. Recover pays for itself 38x over on average. We believe in Recover so much that if it doesn’t pay for itself, we’ll refund your entire months bill. That’s right. Your entire account for free.

You may have also spent some time looking at your churned customers and scratching your head. We know you’re great, so why did they leave? With Cancelation Insights enabled you can get real answers from your customers when they press that dread red “cancel account” button. When in doubt, sign up for a free trial. It’s what they’re there for.

Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free? Here are some additional features you might have missed for you and your team to use and enjoy!

  • Slack – With Baremetrics Slack integration you can send important updates to your team’s Slack channel such as MRR, LTV, Churn, New Customers, Cancellations and more so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Intercom – Get a custom Baremetrics widget to display additional customer information like MRR, Total Charges, Delinquency status & update credit card link in the Intercom Inbox.
  • Email Reports – Set up email notifications to keep up to date with your business!

Additional Questions?

Do you have questions already? Great! We love inquisitive people!

If at any point you would like additional clarity feel free to check out our Help documents, or reach out to our Customer Success team. There is no question too basic or too complex, we’re here to help and genuinely love the learning process along the way. 🤓

Education through transparency, that’s what drives us here at Baremetrics. We genuinely look forward to hearing from you and helping out however we can.

Reach out and get your virtual high five! Don’t leave us hangin’. ✋

Layna Thompson