It seems like every year there are more companies hosting SaaS conferences. You can find them locally, internationally, and online. 

There are loads of great reasons to attend a SaaS conference, and you only need to find the one that meets your interest (and budget). 

I’m going to discuss SaaS conferences, why they are worth attending, and which ones are set for 2022. 

This list is tentative. There are more SaaS conferences being announced all the time, and the dates can change. Hopefully the pandemic is finally over, but if another wave should happen some might go back to the online format.

I encourage you to bookmark this site and check back often for new SaaS conferences or for the information to be updated. If you are hosting a SaaS conference in 2022 and don’t see it on the list, or you have more information to provide, feel free to get in contact with me!

(Especially let me know about any across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, as I know they exist but the info is scant so far!)

Why should you attend a SaaS conference?

Sometimes conferences can seem like an artifact of a bygone era of commerce. Especially during the pandemic when so many major conferences successfully went remote, it seems like the days of the SaaS conference are behind us.

Thankfully, to me at least, SaaS conferences are thriving and looking for 2022 to be their comeback year! There are still loads of great reasons to attend conferences.

Networking opportunities

I love inbound marketing, and cold emails work a lot better than you might think, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to one sales channel.

Indeed, so much of business is still done face to face, so going where the faces are will always be a good idea. It can be hard to find the decision maker for sales or cross promotions, which is why any chance to meet so many people in person must be taken.


Learning from others

SaaS is still relatively new, especially in this current democratized format. There are only so many people out there who really understand the true value of this sector. Finding and engaging with peers in a meaningful way ranks among the best reasons to attend a SaaS conference in 2022.

Is it worth my time and money to attend a SaaS conference? 

I’ll say “yes” and “probably”. Spending three days out of your busy schedule to go meet your peers in the SaaS industry is a great opportunity. 

If you are afraid of the content you won’t create, then blog about your experience. If you are afraid that you might miss some sales, then find the attendees who’d benefit from your app.

As for the cost, SaaS conferences cost between nothing and a lot. Once you include jacked up AirBnB prices and flights around the globe, a SaaS conference can end up being pretty expensive.

If you are worried about the price, find one locally or online to try in the spring before deciding to travel for a SaaS conference in the fall. 

Remember: While everyone on your team will want to attend, not everyone needs to attend. If you are on a budget, consider using attendance as a reward for your all stars.

How do you choose the right SaaS conference to attend?

You should first pick the conferences that meet your budget and are focused on the topics meaningful to you. Once you’ve narrowed it down, see if there are any during the lulls in your annual business cycle. 

If you still need to winnow it down some more, see if any of the SaaS conferences meeting those first criteria have a headline speaker you want to hear from.

How can you build your presence at a SaaS conference?

You can build your presence at a SaaS conference the same way you won friends on the first day of kindergarten. Be well dressed, put on a big smile, and be open and interested. 

Don’t place too much emphasis on the sale, and just go in looking to meet people. SaaS conferences tend to straddle the line between professional and friendly, and you should work your magic in both spheres. Good luck!

SaaS conferences in 2022 



  • Date: 5–8 January 2022
  • Location: Las Vegas and virtual

CES is back in person but will still offer a virtual ticket as well. CES attracts more than 1,000 companies and has keynote speeches from the heads of some of the largest businesses in the world.


1. Startup Grind Global Conference

  • Date: February 
  • Location: Virtual

2. SaaS Growth Summit

  • Date: February
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Free

3. B2B Marketing Exchange Experience

  • Date: February
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Starting at $249

4. SaaStock Remote 

  • Date: February and March 
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Starting at $299

You can expect to be among thousands of attendees with dozens of speakers.

5. ProductCon: The Product Management Conference, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Date: February 1
  • Location: Virtual


1. SXSW 

  • Date: 10–20 March 2021
  • Location: Austin, TX

Along with CES, SXSW is returning to a live format, and I’m excited to see how big it gets! 

2. Business of Software, Europe

  • Date: March
  • Location: Virtual

3. SaaS Tiger

  • Date: March
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Free

4. SaaStr Build

  • Date: March 
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Free

5. Cloud Fest

  • Date: March
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Free



1. Adobe Summit

  • Date: April 
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Free

If you work in marketing and content management for a SaaS company, this is a great way to learn how to add a bit more beauty to your copy. I’m definitely interested! 

2. Content Marketing Annual Conference

  • Date: April 
  • Location:  Boston and virtual

3. MicroConf Growth

  • Date: 3–5 April 2022
  • Location: Minneapolis

The one is for all those small and young startups. If you want to learn how to add more growth, this is the place to be (and they offer many dates and locations, so pick the one that works for you).

4. MicroConf Growth

  • Date:  25–27 April
  • Location: Denver
  • Price: $1,250

5. Dublin Tech Summit

  • Date: 27–28 April 2022
  • Location: Dublin

6. Collision Conference

  • Date: April 
  • Price: Starting at $80

7. Business of Software Spring

  • Date: April
  • Category: Software 
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: $595


1. IBM Think 2021

  • Date: May 2021
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Free

2. SaaStr Enterprise

  • Date: May 
  • Category: SaaS
  • Price: Free


Dublin Tech Summit

  • Date: June 
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: Starting at €75


1. MozCon

  • Date: July
  • Location: Virtual

2. Product-Led Summit

  • Date: July 
  • Location: Virtual

3. SaaS Growth

  • Date: July 
  • Price: Free or starting at £27

In its fifth year now, this conference for B2B SaaS companies is a must hit for those in Europe (or willing to travel).

4. Mind the Product Digital Americas

  • Date: July 
  • Price: Starting at $449

5. Product-Led Summit

  • Date: July 
  • Price: Free


As far as I can find, there is nothing yet in August. With great weather across much of the Northern Hemisphere, I can’t believe this is true so please tell me about the August SaaS conferences I am missing!


1. INBOUND 2021

  • Date: September 
  • Location: Boston and virtual

2. SaaStr Annual 2021

  • Date: September 
  • Location: Virtual

3. Traffic & Conversion Summit

  • Date: September

4. Traffic & Conversion

  • Date: September
  • Price: Starting at $495

With over 10,000 attendees, this is one of the big ones.

5. TechCrunch Disrupt 2022

  • Date: September 
  • Price: Starting at $49

This is a great place to meet influencers if they are part of your marketing strategy.

6. SubSummit

  • Date: September

7. Business of Software Fall

  • Date: September 
  • Price: Starting at $895

8. SaaStr Annual 2022

  • Date: September 
  • Type: San Francisco and virtual

More than 50,000 attendees and hundreds of workshops make this a must-see event if you are located anywhere near Silicon Valley.


1. Ascent Conference

  • Date: October

2. SaaStock EMEA 2022

  • Date: October

This one promises to have thousands of investors if you are tired of bootstrapping your way to the top.


1. Web Summit

  • Date: November 
  • Location: Lisbon
  • Price: Starting at €850

If you have ever been to Portugal, then you are probably looking for any excuse to return. Great food, great people, great weather, and unbelievably beautiful! Don’t forget to attend all the amazing seminars though.

2. Recurring Revenue Conference

  • Date: Fall



1. Future of SaaS Festival

  • Date: December 
  • Price: Free or starting at $149

2. SaaS North Now

  • Price: Starting at $200
  • Slush
  • Date: TBD

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