Since launching over a year ago, we’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of businesses all around the globe. Many of them accept payments in multiple currencies, and today I’m excited to announce that we now have full multi-currency support in Baremetrics!

When you connect your Stripe account, we detect what the default currency is and we convert all transactions in to that currency so you get one unified currency across all of your metrics.

To pull this off we built a small currency exchange engine that takes every single monetary transactions, finds out what the exchange rate was at the time of the transaction, and converts it to the appropriate amount based on that date’s exchange rate.

We rolled this feature out last Wednesday evening and had a few server hiccups, but those are mostly resolved now and everyone should be basking in multi-currency glory.

Everything happens automatically, so no settings that need to be changes or data to tweak, and all currencies are supported.