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Control Center

The lifeblood of your business — both visible at a glance and thoroughly detailed.

Smart Dashboards Dashboard

Dig deep into the details of what's driving growth and how it compares to previous months.

Forecasting Forecast

Make well-informed projections for hiring, expansion, and departmental budgets.

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Make more by knowing what drives growth of your business.

We're sick of the seemingly endless number of stale charts and graphs, so we work to make our design and interface lively and inspiring. Every feature is as useful as it is pleasing to the eye.

Benchmarks Benchmarks

Get your metrics in the right context by looking at how you compare to other companies like you.

Smart Dashboards Goals

Track progress towards goals and rally the team to meet them.

Trial Insights Trial Insights
Trial Insights

Add notes to determine how well new campaigns, experiments, and enhancements improve key metrics.

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Matt Later

"Thanks to Baremetrics, we're able to know what's going on with our revenue and customers, in real-time. Absolutely invaluable and miles ahead of doing it in spreadsheets or coding your own."

Matt Smith

COO and Founder at Later

Make more by making data-driven decisions with confidence.

Finally, you can get the data you need to uncover growth opportunities, get answers to your questions, and run sophisticated analyses with ease. Being data-driven and customer-obsessed just became a reality.

Augmentation Augmentation

Merge external data to create rich customer profiles and precise segments.

Segmentation Segmentation

Discover and compare your most profitable customer segments and the attributes that make them an ideal fit.

People Insights Customers

Zoom in to each and every customer with a full history of payments, events, and changes.

Take the work out of keeping tabs on your business with one-click integrations.

We strive to be the SaaS & subscription analytics solution you've always dreamed of. One click and you get hundreds of valuable metrics and business insights!

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Cancellation Insights

Learn why your customers cancel

Start collecting valuable feedback in minutes, learn how much revenue you're losing to each reason, then automatically send personalized emails to bring them back.

“The Cancellation Insights feature is a no-brainer. It replaced our in-house solution in less than an hour, and it provides exactly the insights we need.”

user ben zoomshift Ben Bartling, Zoomshift
Features Cancellation Insights

Get help with failing charges

Your business is leaking money every month to failed payments and losing customers to delinquent churn. It's time to get it back.

“Recover helped us reduce our churn and save over $10k+ in less than 3 months.”

Tushar Statusbrew Tushar Mahajan, Statusbrew
Features Recover
Open Startups

Join the movement of transparency innovators

Welcome to the land of the brave. These wonderful companies are embracing transparency and openness by sharing their metrics with everyone.


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