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How to Integrate Multiple Platforms with Baremetrics

by Ana Gotter. Last updated on May 31, 2024

Baremetrics subscription reporting data can provide exceptional insights for SaaS brands and startups looking to understand how subscription activity is impacting their business.

What’s driving customers to churn? How are trial conversion rates impacting overall revenue? And knowing churn or retention rates is great, but what about the number of customers upgrading or downgrading and how that impacts the bottom line. 

To give businesses the most complete look at their revenue performance, we integrate with multiple platforms. In this post, we’ll show you why you should integrate multiple data sources into your Baremetrics account and how to get started. 

How Baremetrics Integrations Work 

Baremetrics is a subscription revenue analytics platform. We provide 26 different metrics and multiple actionable insights to help you determine accurate revenue calculations, and what’s impacting your revenue, for better or worse.

We use integrations to sync and report on data from the subscription platforms that you’re already using, including the following:

  • Subscription management software.
  • Accounting and invoicing software.
  • Mobile app stores.
  • Third-party marketplaces.
  • Payment processing companies. 

We’ll compile revenue and performance data into a single dashboard, giving you all the subscription-focused revenue metrics and insights you need. And it’s all possible with a simple set up process that ends with near-instant data synching. 

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The 8 Platforms we Integrate With 

Baremetrics currently offers the following integrations for streamlined data synching and thorough financial analytics:  

Apple App Store

Google Play

Shopify Partners







We’re also currently hard at work on an integration for Apple Podcasts through Apple Connect, so stay tuned for that! 

What About Tools Without Ready-Made Integrations? 

Don’t see your subscription management, billing, or accounting software of choice on our list of ready-made integrations?

Don’t worry: We regularly work on adding new integrations to the list. We also have the Baremetrics API available, which requires a small amount of development work from your team to integrate with your tool of choice. You can manage the API integrations at any point through your Settings tab. 

The Benefits of Baremetrics Integrations 

Integrating Baremetrics with multiple data sources can provide the following key benefits to subscription businesses, SaaS brands, and startups:

  • View all of your subscription and revenue data in a single dashboard, regardless of how many individual platforms you use that may have otherwise acted as frustrating data silos 
  • Know that data reporting is both consistent and accurate, with our calculations tailored to subscription businesses 
  • Take advantage of all of Baremetrics features, including insights like Recover or Forecast+
  • Compare performance from individual platforms to determine where your highest value customers are coming from, and how to optimize your campaigns accordingly 
  • Leverage actionable data and automation for improved decision-making

How to Integrate Baremetrics With Key Data Sources 

After creating your Baremetrics account, the first thing we do is ask you to connect to your first data source. You can add additional data sources immediately after the first, or at any point later down the road. 

As a note: Some features may require access to specific data sources. Forecast+, for example, requires integrations with an accounting tool like Quickbooks Online.

But there's good news: The integration process couldn’t be faster or easier. 

You’ll see a pop-up asking you to connect to your first data source. Click on the platform of your choice, and you’ll be able to connect in just a few clicks. Data synching begins right away. 

We strongly recommend integrating with every subscription platform that you use, even if it only contributes minimally to your total revenue. The more data you have, the better. 

Final Thoughts 

Here at Baremetrics, we know that accurate and complete data is the best kind of data, and we’re happy to bring that to our customers on a consistent basis.

We integrate with the most popular subscription management tools, payment processing platforms, billing software, and mobile app stores so our customers can get a holistic, big-picture view of what’s happening with their customers and revenue. 

Ana Gotter

Ana Gotter has been a devoted writer since primary school. She graduated from Florida State University with degrees in writing, business, and communications. Launching into freelancing in 2012 and shifting to full-time in 2014, Ana has since been an invaluable asset to businesses and nonprofits, blending her deep understanding of business and marketing strategies.