We’ve revamped our Baremetrics integration with Shopify!

Baremetrics loves Shopify. Even before Shopify released the Shopify Partners API, Baremetrics has been taking care of metrics for Shopify business owners.

Baremetrics is a SaaS metrics monitoring tool that pulls information about your business into an easy-to-read actionable dashboard. We pull information such as MRR, ARR, total number of customers, total churn, and more. To see the full list of all of the metrics we can monitor for you, look at this example account

To see what our Shopify integration will look like on your dashboard, take a look at this company’s MRR segmented by Shopify and Stripe:



Baremetrics doesn’t just integrate with Shopify, we also integrate with other tools such as Stripe, Recurly, Google Play Store, and more. This means you can see all of your business metrics in one place, so you can know exactly what’s going on with your business. 

To get your Shopify integration setup, you should check our step-by-step guide here. Haven’t got a Baremetrics account? Get started free with just one click!





The Baremetrics integration is new and improved!

At the end of 2019, Shopify released their new Shopify Partners API. This API allows for 3rd party apps to go into the Shopify environment and integrate with Shopify directly. As a result, the Baremetrics integration with Shopify is better than ever. 

Previously, Baremetrics integrated with Shopify via an authorized bot that entered into your Shopify account to get the metrics! Needless to say, this wasn’t as stable as our customers would have liked.

Now, we’ve rebuilt the integration to benefit from the API. This means that you’ll get a more stable interaction with Shopify, but also better quality information.

Check out how our integration has improved:


Increased Stability

The Shopify Partners API has made it easy to get great information out of your Shopify Business and into Baremetrics.

You won’t experience timeouts. You won’t experience authentication issues. And, you won’t experience obscured data. 

Get all of your data from Shopify into Baremetrics with 100% accuracy.


Crystal clear filtering of data

We now offer all kinds of filtering on Shopify data that will empower you to run your business better.

You can see:

  • which customers have monthly subscriptions vs. annual subscriptions.
  • who is on a free trial.
  • who was on a free trial.
  • the date your customer activated their plan. 
  • the first billing date of their plan.
  • when customers installed or uninstalled your app.
  • if they reactivated a previously paused account.
  • one-off payments, and who they were made by.
  • if a customer has stopped paying, but has remained in the app.
  • when a customer is paying more because they’re using more.


Inside of the Baremetrics app, you will now be able to filter your recurring revenue based on what kind of Shopify customer you have. 

You will be able to see MRR for customers with monthly subscriptions, or MRR for customers with annual subscriptions. This will allow you to see granular information so you can identify the impact of your marketing and sales.

You’ll be able to identify how many of your users are on free trial, or were on free trial, and optimize your free trial for better sales. 

You’ll be able to see clear metrics surrounding churn. You’ll be able to see the customer’s first and last billing date, as well as the uninstall date. That means you’ll know exactly how many days they’ve been gone. 

You’ll also be able to see which customers are coming in through Shopify Themes and Shopify Jobs. You’ll be able to see customers that enter into your funnel for one-time payments. This enables you to monitor non-subscription revenue, as well as one-time payments that customers make on top of their subscriptions.


An easy connection

To get Shopify connected to Baremetrics, all you need to do is copy over your API key! We’ll support you with getting it done, just contact our team!

To get connected, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to the Shopify dashboard, get an API client, and get your credentials.

Follow the Shopify guide to get it done!

  1. Make sure to check the correct Permissions. Baremetrics needs a few key permissions to make our integration work. Check our guide here for the specific info.
  2. Head over to Baremetrics, and copy your key and credentials into your connection settings!

Once you’ve done that, data will start feeding in. The data has three stages:

  1. Import
  2. Process
  3. Done

Once you’re on the “Done” stage, you’ll be able to see your Shopify data in your dashboard, and filter to your heart’s content!


Why integrate your Shopify store with Baremetrics?

We can help you make more

Baremetrics helps you analyze data so you can optimize on key metrics. Just check out what some of our customers do with the metrics they get from Baremetrics:

  1. I Reduced Churn 70%
  2. I Grew From Zero to $1,000 MRR in 94 Days
  3. I Bootstrapped to $800K ARR

Baremetrics enables customers to see the gaps in their business. You can’t fix it if you can’t measure it!

Customers then use their data to optimize their business to improve revenue, or other metrics such as pricing and churn.



Monitoring your business metrics is essential for running a healthy business. You need to know what’s happening in your business, where your customers are coming from, and why they’re leaving.

Use Baremetrics to monitor your revenue coming in from Shopify. Get better visibility and see your data in an actionable way. Try Baremetrics free and get started today!