Customer Analytics Tools to take your Business to the Next Level

Jerusha Songate on March 30, 2021

Why are customer analytics tools important?

Some of the most vital business decisions depend on real-time predictive analytics solutions, advanced technologies ecosystem (machine learning algorithms, big data, business intelligence, etc.), and market segmentation.

In this article: Customer Retention Metrics, we have seen why retention is the ultimate key to business growth. 

Let us now dig deeper into the customer analytics tools that are available in the market. 

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This SaaS analytics tool analyzes, churns optimization, and organizes large chunks of data. It allows forecasting and segmentation of data such as MRR, sign-up data, lifetime subscriptions, etc. 

The Benchmark feature of Baremetrics allows you to compare your business growth with other companies in the industry.

It also helps to cut down hours of data handling workflow time and is loaded with user-friendly features



Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is among the oldest and commonly used customer data platforms by web analysts.

It generates details and statistics about visitors to your website along with information on the average time a visitor stays on a page, source from where they’re coming, and how often they come.

However, the tool has some drawbacks in terms of customer care and support.



Optimizely is a new service but offers wide-ranging, powerful results that help evaluate and optimize your website through A/B testings.

It allows you to gain extraordinary experiences, make impactful marketing decisions, and innovate at a faster pace. However, many users have complained about the difficulty of integrating it with other digital analytics tools.



Kissmetrics is one of the easiest tools which provides customer insights and engages them through highly customized Facebook and email marketing campaigns.

It tracks the visitor’s journey on your website and provides you with details about the features that are most useful for them. Yet, some users reported concerns with data exports, visual aesthetics, and navigation.


Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is a tool for businesses who wish to understand the behavior of their social media audience.

It allows you to monitor and engage with messages across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by setting up chatbots.

Baremetrics is also diving deep into how social media software companies retain customers. Yet, if you are looking to connect to different social networks, Sprout Social might not be your best option due to its limitations in social media connections.



Mixpanel is a self-serving tool for consumer insights trusted by more than 26,000 businesses worldwide. It helps you understand how your consumers communicate with your services and other data related to them.

It is one of the best analytical methods out there as it allows easy integrations and flexible APIs. Yet, some users reported that Mixpanel gets slow with the increase of data volume.


Utilize Customer Analytics Tools

Talking of customer analytics tools without mentioning the Analytics API of Baremetrics would be unfair. Analytics API tool gives you access to all your customer insights KPIs from virtually anywhere in the world. 

It allows you to integrate MRR, LTV, growth trends, advanced visualizations, and customer data analysis with other platforms that you use, along with additional features such as pricing models

Your business efforts will never go wrong with these tools as they allow you to leverage customer data, grant you a better user experience, and succeed in a race in which others fail to lead.

You’re only one step away from taking your business to the next level. Grab a free trial of Baremetrics today and unravel a whole new world of customer analytics!

Jerusha Songate

Jerusha has a strong interest in SaaS and finding new business opportunities. She writes for Baremetrics as part of her passion for business journalism.