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Chargebee vs. Chargify: Which is the better fit?

by Jerusha Songate. Last updated on November 27, 2023

Chargebee and Chargify have several features that make invoicing workflows easier for small businesses and startups.

This article takes a closer look at these two platforms and how they can work for your business.

We shall also give you a full analysis between Chargebee vs. Chargify and how Baremetrics can guide you towards making an unbiased, well-informed choice.

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Chargebee is a billing and subscription management software for both solopreneurs and mid-to-large-sized businesses.

It is an automation platform offering billing solutions, subscription billing management, recurring payments, accounting, taxes, report generation, and analytics. 

Its features help different entrepreneurs tackle several financial priorities as they expand their operations.

Chargebee can fully integrate with your existing technology, ensuring that your processes and payment cycle aren’t deterred.


  • Ease of use
  • Offers a free plan for startups making less than $50k ARR
  • Numerous integrations
  • Self-service portal
  • Phone and customer support
  • Amazing user reviews
  • Offers per-user pricing


  • Not optimized for mobile use
  • Expensive pricing
  • No free trial


Chargify offers billing, account management, analytics, subscription management tools, reporting, and several integrations.

It has multiple pricing options, unlike Chargebee, and services businesses of varying sizes. It mainly focuses on recurring bills and subscription management. 


  • Offers a free trial 
  • Multiple integrations 
  • Real-time dashboard
  • High-security levels


  • Some plans are expensive 
  • Difficult setup, according to some users

Chargebee vs. Chargify: Similarities 

These two platforms focus on recurring bills and subscription management, which gives them similar functionality. They have several integrations, such as the Chargebee integration with Baremetrics

Baremetrics integrates with Chargebee to help growing SaaS & subscription driven-businesses with accurate metrics and data.

Chargebee and Chargify both help businesses to take insight-driven action and they serve all business sizes. Both also offer analytics and revenue optimization features.

What then are their differences?


Chargebee vs. Chargify: Pricing

Chargebee offers interested customers three different packages and allows them to either pay annually or monthly.

The first is the Rise Plan for businesses generating $600,000 annually and costs $249 per month.

The Scale Plan costs $549 monthly and covers businesses making $900,000 annually.

Their Enterprise Plan is a custom package and fits businesses with complex revenue streams and compliance regulations.

Chargify has four plans: 

The Starter Plan costs $149 per month, the Scaling Plan: $299 per month, the Success Plan: $499 per month, and a special, customized plan with no set price. 


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Chargebee vs. Chargify: Free trial

A free trial is a necessary provision for people who want to try a service before committing. Most free trials last a month which is sufficient for decision making. 

Chargebee does not offer users a free trial. Instead, it provides a free plan for businesses making less than $50,000 per year. 


Chargebee vs. Chargify: Integrations

Chargebee groups its add-ons into different categories. Some of the most notable integrations include Zendesk, Zapier, HubSpot, Xero, Slack, Stripe, Shopify, and Mailchimp.

Chargify categorizes its integrations similarly, including Salesforce, Zendesk, QuickBooks, Shopify, NetSuite, and Authorize.Net. 

Which is Best for My Business’ Needs? 

You can choose Chargebee if your business grosses less than $50,000 annually and take advantage of their free plan.

It is also suitable for entrepreneurs and startups and is the right choice if you want to enjoy PayPal integration. The customized plan is better suited for larger businesses. 

Chargify will serve you best if you need a cost-friendly starter plan, given that its prices are considerably lower. It also has a real-time dashboard and offers a more straightforward platform to use. 


Chargebee vs. Chargify: The final verdict

These two platforms have several similar features, both track a good deal of metrics, and both offer different pricing models. Both are amazing and can serve you depending on your needs.

You should also consider integrating Chargebee with Baremetrics and learn how you can achieve negative churn in your business.

Since most of our customers have shifted to Stripe, Baremetrics doesn’t integrate with Chargify.

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Jerusha Songate

Jerusha has a strong interest in SaaS and finding new business opportunities. She writes for Baremetrics as part of her passion for business journalism.