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Metrics 101

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Increase Customer Value

Of all the metrics you need to track as a SaaS company, lifetime value (LTV) may be the most mysterious. It feels difficult to calculate, and then...

Metrics 101

MRR: How to Calculate Monthly Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of any SaaS. It’s what makes building a SaaS business so appealing. You don’t have to worry about one-off sales...

Metrics 101

11 SaaS Metrics to Measure (and improve) For Growth

The list of SaaS metrics you can measure and analyze is long… some might say unnecessarily long. Don’t get me wrong, data is a lovely thing to have...

Metrics 101

Recurring vs. Non-Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is the backbone of SaaS and subscription-based companies. At these companies, customers purchase a service on a consistent basis,...

Metrics 101

Types of customer feedback

Whether you loathe it or love it, customer feedback can help create a better customer profile and lead to strategies that are conducive to better...

Metrics 101

Understanding recurring revenue and what it means for your SaaS company

We’re here to tell you that all revenue is good revenue…but there is in fact some revenue that’s far better than others – that’s where recurring...

Metrics 101

SaaS Quick Ratio

The Quick Ratio of a SaaS company is the measurement of its growth efficiency. How reliable can a company grow revenue given its current churn rate?...

Metrics 101

6 mistakes companies make when calculating MRR

While monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is theoretically a simple metric to calculate, it does have some intricacies and edge cases that can trip...

Metrics 101

Looking at Metrics in a Healthy Way

Metrics, in and of themselves, aren’t terribly interesting. You’d rather be building your product or serving your customers than staring at...

Metrics 101

Slaying the Churn Beast

Churn. The archenemy of any SaaS company. No metric causes more sleepless nights and receding hairlines. It’s the slow leak that, regardless of how...