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What Is Chargebee?

by Jerusha Songate. Last updated on March 07, 2024

Chargebee is a subscription billing and payment software system ideal for SaaS and subscription-based companies. It is a complete cloud-based billing system that is both innovative and simple to use.

Chargebee assists companies that offer subscription services in automating their billing procedures by enabling you to modify pricing, provide coupons, and conduct campaigns—all without the assistance of a developer.

The software enables you to interact with subscribers through self-service portals, generate possibilities, and profit from recurring income. Furthermore, it provides customized price choices and the ability to suspend subscriptions (an intelligent alternative to canceling subscriptions).

Custom pricing enables you to prolong renewal periods before they expire. An automated process is given for sales and marketing activities for invoice creation, payment collection, email alerts, customer relationship management, and follow-ups. All of these services are offered as a cloud-based SaaS plug-and-play solution.

On the contrary, Baremetrics is a monitoring tool for business metrics that serves as a dashboard for your organization. MRR, ARR, LTV, and total customers are all visible immediately in your Baremetrics dashboard. You can visit this sample account here for a better look.

Baremetrics allows you to integrate with billing systems, such as Chargebee, to view all of your revenue in a smart, SaaS dashboard. You can view client segmentation, get greater insights into who your customers are, predict the future, and use automatic payment recovery solutions.

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Features of Chargebee

Chargebee assists subscription companies in smoothly scaling across countries by helping you with the following:

  • Billing your consumers on a recurring basis.
  • Collecting payments from consumers in an automated manner.
  • Supporting various subscription plans.
  • Providing a centralized view of all subscription and customer data.
  • Obtaining insightful information about your subscription company.

Let’s take a look at some of the features in detail.


Automated invoicing and dunning management

Chargebee enables subscription-based companies to automate potentially time-consuming recurring billing procedures by handling invoice creation, follow-ups, and payment processing.

Additionally, the app has a dunning management feature that manages credit card rejections caused by out of date credit card information, inadequate funds, temporary freezes, credit limit exhaustion, and illegally obtained cards. Chargebee’s retry schedule is entirely customizable. Additionally, customized email notification templates are available.


Customer platform and dynamic payment pages

Chargebee offers flexible and customized checkout pages that include custom fields and theme support. When consumers join up, they enter their account and billing information on the checkout/payment page, including payment method, email address, first and last name, and home address.

Chargebee also offers a self-service customer portal system, which allows your clients to handle their accounts at any time. They can access it from any location, on any connected device, without contacting your customer support staff. Customers may upgrade or lower their memberships at any time, change their billing and credit card information, check their previous payments, or even terminate their subscription.

The customer portal, similar to the checkout page, is a hosted page solution that is mobile-ready and can be modified as required.


Subscriptions management

Chargebee includes trial management, proration, metered invoicing, cancellations and reactivations, refunds, credits, and taxes, among other functions. If your company provides free trials, Chargebee enables you to select the duration of a trial period. When the trial time expires, the account is switched to a regular subscription automatically. If the owner’s credit card information is not accessible, the account is immediately terminated.

Chargebee’s metered billing functionality guarantees that your clients are only paid for the services they utilize. Additionally, many other types of add-ons may be established, monitored, and turned on or off, such as premium support, recurring and nonrecurring subscriptions, and quantity-based subscriptions.


Data analysis and insights

Chargebee offers an in-depth analysis of such indicators as subscriber tally, monthly plan income, monthly add-on revenue, average revenue per user (ARPU), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), renewal summary, transaction summary, transaction trends, missed opportunities, and refund summary.

Individual reports may be exported as .csv in zip format. You may choose which fields should be included in the generated reports. You can also use filters to ensure that your reports have the appropriate amount of information. Chargebee also offers a custom reporting option, with which clients may request customized SaaS metrics reports on demand.


Numerous payment methods

Chargebee’s relationship with significant payment gateways enables you to take online payments from your consumers in addition to offline payment methods like cash, cheques, and ACH (Automated Clearing House).

The software may be used with, Braintree, Stripe, eWAY, Pin Payments, and WorldPay, depending on the region in which your company is situated. Details about the payment gateway may be selected on the Settings page. Chargebee simply enables authorization, refunds, and capture, which means that the payment gateway handles all settlements directly with you.

Additionally, Chargebee supports offline and alternative payment methods such as PayPal Express Checkout and Amazon Payments. You can track all payments on a centralized dashboard.


Baremetrics toolkit is more cost-effective

Baremetrics measures churn, LTV and other critical business metrics that help them retain more customers. Want to try it for yourself?


Chargebee pricing criteria

Chargebee’s pricing plan includes a variety of options for its customers. Chargebee offers the following pricing options:


1. Annual

  • Rise ($249 per month, charged yearly) includes ten users, various payment methods, and multiple tax regions.
  • Scale ($549 per month, charged yearly) includes everything in the Rise plan as well as 25 users, advance invoices, and custom user roles.
  • Customized has a pricing structure that is specific to the requirements of the company.

2. Monthly

  • Rise ($299 per month) includes ten users, different payment gateways, and several tax regions.
  • Scale ($599/month) includes everything in the rise plan plus 25 users, advance invoices, and customer user roles.
  • Customized has a pricing structure that is specific to the requirements of the company


Chargebee RevenueStory

RevenueStory provides a 360-degree view of your business’s subscription statistics. It enables you to discover the key performance indicators that drive revenue, licenses, registrations, activations, and churn, as well as the various other data necessary for making informed choices. It connects your product data with revenue statistics and consumer behavior, enabling your company to thrive.

RevenueStory includes over 150 pre-built reports that enable you to get meaningful insights on new sales, payments received, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), activations, and churn. These reports are accessible through the RevenueStory tab.

RevenueStory is a premium feature accessible on the Rise, Scale, and Enterprise plans only.

On the other hand, Baremetrics provides business metrics at a lower price than Chargebee. Additionally, it is $50 per month, while Chargebee begins at $299 per month. Hence, Baremetrics has excellent value for money. Chargebee has some extra capabilities, but the Baremetrics price structure makes it ideal for those looking to explore at a lower cost while maintaining the same metrics and measures.

Baremetrics is a monitoring tool for business metrics that serves as a dashboard for your company. MRR, ARR, LTV, and total customers are all immediately available on your Baremetrics dashboard. Click here to get a demo account.

You can integrate Baremetrics with your income sources to view all of your revenue on the smart dashboard. Additionally, you may see client segmentation, get greater insights into who your customers are, predict the future, and use automatic payment recovery solutions.

Sign up for a free Baremetrics trial and get a better understanding of your subscription income now.

Baremetrics provide vast features, which include:

Control Center: You can see the central hub of Baremetrics, enabling you to monitor and respond to virtually everything that occurs.

People Insights: We can verify customized segmentation, detailed customer profiles, manual subscriptions, and much more using People Insights.

Smart Dashboards: You may see hand-crafted dashboards for anything from recurring revenue to customer churn via Smart dashboards.

Comparisons: You can make complicated data comparisons with ease. It recognizes how your numbers compare to each other. Moreover, you can compare dates, plans, or even several client segments in real-time.

Cancellation Insights: With Cancellation Insights, you can discover why consumers cancel, assess income lost due to cancellations, and send automated emails to re-engage customers.

Forecasting: Forecasting using Baremetrics is like having a magic crystal ball that assists you in predicting and planning for the future.



Chargebee’s billing tool provides a flexible and robust billing system that enables your business team to organize special promotions. It provides the tools necessary for your team to bill accurately and respond more quickly to billing concerns. It allows you to collect online payments via the payment gateway of your choice.

It has an intuitive and user-friendly API that enables you to create a deeper connection as your business grows. Additionally, it allows you to stay on top of your operations by providing actionable data through alerts and reports.

In comparison to Chargebee, the Baremetrics toolkit is more cost-effective. Baremetrics tracks subscription income for companies that rely on subscription-based services to generate revenue. Baremetrics can connect straight to your payment gateway, such as Stripe, and gather data about your customers and their behavior on a simple-to-understand dashboard.

Metrics, dunning, engagement tools, and customer analytics are all available via Baremetrics. MRR, ARR, LTV, total number of customers, total expenditures, and quick ratio are just a few of the indicators that Baremetrics analyzes.

Jerusha Songate

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