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Recurly vs. Zuora: Choose The Perfect Billing Software

by Jerusha Songate. Last updated on January 03, 2024

How do you choose between Recurly vs. Zuora?

When choosing the right billing software for your subscription businesses, there are many things to consider..

Since there are so many products in the market today, this article explains the differences and benefits of each tool and how they can benefit your business.

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Recurly vs. Zuora at a Glance

Both platforms help clients with their billing and invoicing while helping with customer relationship management (CRM). Both also accept multiple forms of payments, including credit cards.

This makes it easier for companies to reduce churn rates, operate, and up-sell without having to worry about the details associated with billing at checkout. 

Also, each platform is supportive of companies that operate on SaaS business models and subscription services. Recurly is focused solely on recurring billing while Zuora offers an array of other financial functions.


Recurly Overview

Recurly is a platform that supports recurring billing at the enterprise level. It was designed specifically to help companies manage their subscription services.

This platform makes it possible for businesses to process credit cards and other types of payments across a wide variety of payment channels.

It provides an automated function that makes it possible to automate the issuing of refunds and credits, upgrade/downgrade customer plans, and more.

Thus allowing your sales force to focus on what matters most: making sales.


Zuora Overview

Zuora is a cloud-based platform that also helps companies with subscription management.

It is almost similar to QuickBooks, as an ERP platform that allows businesses to handle quotes, billing, revenue recognition, and orders for the duration of the lifecycle of the customer.

This platform is powered by six engines: Orders Engine, Rating Engine, Global Payments Engine, Pricing Engine, Subscription Accounting Engine, and Subscription Metrics Engine.

Each of these engines work together to provide end-to-end solutions concerning customer acquisition and management.


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In terms of features, here is how each of these subscription billing platforms measure up: Recurly vs. Zuora.


Recurly’s Best Features

  • API
  • Ability to connect to gateway and merchant accounts
  • Multi-subscription support
  • Plan management
  • Trial and setup fees
  • Ability to import current subscribers

Zuora’s Best Features

  • API
  • Billing
  • Automated notifications
  • Taxation assistance
  • Electronic payment automation
  • One time, recurring, and usage-based pricing
  • Ad hoc reporting


Pricing is one of the top aspects to consider when choosing the perfect subscription billing software.

On the one hand, Recurly is customizable and offers users a free trial. This is deemed as one of the best features because it allows people to try the platform before spending a dime.

Zuora also offers a free trial, with plans starting at $99 a month after the trial has ended.

If you are seeking a platform that allows you to enjoy a free trial before creating a fully customized pricing plan, Baremetrics offers a free trial.


Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, both of the platforms are relatively easy to use. However, given that Recurly has less functionality, it is also an easier platform to use than Zuora.

The Bottom Line

Now the bottom line is, between Recurly vs. Zuora which one would you rather choose?

Recurly is considered as the top billing platform and API for SaaS businesses processing recurring payments.

While Zuora is a much better option for those interested in platforms that provide a wide variety financial functionality.

A great way to get fantastic billing, as well as great financial analysis, is to integrate Recurly with Baremetrics. Try it out any time!


Billing Software Made Simple

Both Recurly vs. Zuora are good options. However, if you are looking for cutting-edge software that can help with multiple financial metrics, we suggest using Baremetrics.

Baremetrics offers in-depth reporting and analytics and is used to help clients gain insight into customer behavior via forecasting, customization, and segmentation.

The platform meets all PCI standards and, best of all, you can start using Baremetrics free of charge. Sign up and start your free trial today!

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