Subscription Analytics & Insights

Be better and smarter with an advanced understanding of your business.

Recover Lost Revenue

Did you know the average startup loses $1,500 a month that they can easily recover? Dunning fixes that.

The new Dunning feature has recovered almost $100/day for us!

Increase Sales

In development

Want to find the decision makers at companies like your existing customers? Our sales feature shows you the best leads you can find.

Baremetrics takes all of the manual work we were previously performing for our SaaS reporting and automatically gives us an at-a-glance dashboard of our key metrics. Huge timesaver for any SaaS business looking to grow.

See Your Forecast

People love our forecasting tool. Intelligent projections are key to staying ahead of the game and being able to fix things before there's a problem. Try the free version!

Loving this revenue predictor tool from @Baremetrics  Watch out for churn! #saas #projections #managingchurn

Email reports and notifications

We can send daily, weekly & monthly email reports and notifications to you and your team automatically, so you’re always in the loop with your business.

One-click, zero-setup subscription analytics & insights

Take Baremetrics' own dashboard for a spin. Yes, these are really our metrics.

Try the Demo

As a founder, there a million things that need my attention every day. Baremetrics gives us key insights about our business without doing any calculations or pulling data into spreadsheets. It’s been an invaluable service!

Emery Wells

Baremetrics is vital to running Muzeek. Not only do we gain instant, valuable SaaS metrics, but also useful insights about growth predictions; which prove super useful for product decision-making & investor relations.

Danny Fiorentini

The way Baremetrics shows all the key metrics of the business in a single beautiful page is really nice. Other than checking it daily, it’s very useful for generating reports and statistics. Definitely worth the investment.

Moat Soliman
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