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Baremetrics is built to do Subscription Downgrades analysis. Find out why Baremetrics is the best tool for Subscription Downgrades analysis and see your data accurately on beautiful Baremetrics dashboards.


What are Subscription Downgrades?

In a subscription business, Companies sometime face the problem that users like to keep high level of service but ultimately fail to pay for it. The most common reason is that they find the reduced price plan with reduced features would be preferable for them. This is where Subscription Downgrade comes into place.
However, Subscription Downgrades can also be a powerful retention tool that allows you to offer your customers an alternative subscription plan when they are at risk of abandoning their account.

What is PayPal?

PayPal offers a wide range of payment solutions for both businesses and individuals. From sending money via email to storing receipts online, PayPal provides useful services for e-commerce.
With over 150 million active registered accounts, PayPal helps people and businesses receive and make payments in more than 100 currencies in 203 markets. One of the world’s leading online payment solutions, PayPal can easily send money, make an online payment and receive money free from bank account transfers.

Baremetrics vs. PayPal

Baremetrics is a comprehensive and accurate business metrics monitoring tool for metrics such as MRR, churn, and the total number of customers per subscription. Baremetrics automatically pairs with your payment gateway to accurately monitor your financial metrics. When it comes to Subscription Downgrades analysis with PayPal, choose Baremetrics over PayPal to get deeper insights.

Use Baremetrics to do Subscription Downgrades analysis

Baremetrics offers a dashboard of 26 business metrics directly in the control center. Beyond these 26 metrics, you can use features such as Recover to get back your money from failed payments and Cancellation Insights to drive understanding of why your customers are leaving.
Baremetrics is built to do Subscription Downgrades analysis. While you can do Subscription Downgrades analysis with PayPal, Baremetrics was built for Subscription Downgrades analysis and delivers everything you need. Check out this demo account where you can go and play with the Baremetrics dashboard without even signing up!

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You should sign up for the Baremetrics free trial and start analyzing Subscription Downgrades now. Make sure to compare Subscription Downgrades analysis with PayPal to the Baremetrics experience, and see which one works better for you. See your data accurately on beautiful Baremetrics dashboards!